Air Scramble

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You are a airforce pilot as a quick reaction team that fly by interceptor jets.

Jan 11, 2022
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Require Android 6.0 and up

Key features

  • You are a airforce pilot as a quick reaction team that fly by interceptor jets.
  • Interceptor Fighter Jets
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» Description
Flying over the sky is a dream of many of us . but flight with a real aircraft requires a lot of filters and to gain control of aircraft control . but by using new technology , it was somewhat similar to aircraft flight simulators .

in modern war , the use of air force is an essential part of fighting and attacking the enemy . but the use of air force and air conditioners can also be used by the enemy against us .

for a quick confrontation with such threats , fighter jets and pilots are always ready to respond quickly and appropriately . the term flight also refers to such flights .

the game played by the game group . in this game(Air Scramble) , you will be able to experience different missions , remote destinations and close quarters .

play includes rapid reaction flight operations(by Modern Fighter jets)

battle with enemy warplanes (Dogfight)

conflict with enemy air defenses (Air to Air and Air to Ground )

air fuel , meeting and speedy settlement to continue operation

growing fighter and military weapons

ranking the best pilots and so on .

Scramble : In military aviation, scrambling is the act of quickly getting military aircraft airborne to react to an immediate threat, usually to intercept hostile aircraft.

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