WordUp | AI Vocabulary Builder APK

Improve & expand English vocabulary. Learn fresh words daily with vocab builder

Jan 11, 2024
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Require Android 5.0

Key features

  • Improve & expand English vocabulary. Learn fresh words daily with vocab builder
  • If you are looking for a solid app rated with 4.50/5 from 12 votes , the WordUp | AI Vocabulary Builder is just for you.
  • A education app that will be great addition to your phone.
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  • WordUp--AI-Vocabulary-Builder APK can be downloaded free of charge.
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WordUp | AI Vocabulary Builder APK

WordUp is more than a Vocabulary builder app. It is the easiest way to learn English words and understand them deeply, with entertaining examples from movies, songs, famous quotes and more. It is unlike any vocabulary builder app you've seen before!

It works based on 3 simple but revolutionary concepts.

The top 20,000 most useful words in our English vocabulary are sorted by how useful they really are, so you can learn English more efficiently. Our data is compiled from thousands of movies, TV shows and songs. Your time is valuable. Learn only the most useful word that you don't know yet...and then the next!

Rather than just boring text definitions, WordUp adds many short video clips from top movies and TV shows, teaching you how to use the English words in real world. It also shows you examples from the latest news stories, across thousands of news websites. You don't just learn a word from the vocabulary, you "experience" it.

WordUp uses "Spaced Repetition" which is a scientifically proven approach to ensure that when you learn English words, you will remember them forever!

There are also many more features to make learning English easier and more meaningful:

WATCH ASSIST: While you're watching a movie or TV Show, WordUp will highlight the upcoming words used in the show that you don't know, letting you learn while enjoying the movie!

GAMES: There are several word games in WordUp to help you improve your vocabulary while having fun.

CATEGORIES: Browse words in different categories, from business and science, to cooking and furniture. Focus on the domain that helps you the most in your life, studies or work.

* Intermediate & advanced English learners
* Speakers of English as a 2nd language
* Immigrants in English Speaking countries
* Native English speakers seeking to expand their vocabulary

WordUp is not for beginners or those new to learning English.

If you teach English, recommend WordUp to your students. It's a perfect complimentary tool for them to build up their vocab as you teach them all the other aspects of the language.

Study shows that its motivating effect will encourage the students to continue their language learning journey with you further. It won't replace you.

Productivity is heavily affected by communication skills. If you employ non-native English speakers, you can encourage them to use WordUp in a daily personal development routine to improve their vocabulary.

This will benefit the efficiency of the entire organisation, not just them personally. You can also set annual PDP goals for them and ask to see their activity report on WordUp.

Please note that WordUp may be spelled Word Up or Word-Up also.
This is a vocabulary builder app.

WordUp | AI Vocabulary Builder (Android Package) APK 14mb

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