Toilet etiquette application

Nov 4, 2011
toilet, etiquette, wc
Android OS 2.1

Key features

  • Toilet etiquette application
  • Touch the image
  • DoorButton
  • BACK key"
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» Description
Toilet etiquette application

We have to go to the WC several times a day...
The sound of the running water makes comfortable your toilet time!
「How to Use」
Press the 8 items in the toilet to play the running water sound.
The same water flow sound will come up with any buttons.
1.Touch the image
3.BACK key"
The sound will stop with above action.
・The highest volume, sound is pretty big.
Please use caution and at your own risk.
・The sound may skip when the processor of your terminal device is overloaded.

TOY-L3T Android APK 1.4 Mb

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