Room Escape - Moustache King APK

Break out the lost hidden mystery escape room and solve the classic brain puzzle

Jun 13, 2022
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  • Break out the lost hidden mystery escape room and solve the classic brain puzzle
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Room Escape - Moustache King APK

Welcome to the most enthralling escape game journey ever! Let's make an adventure sequence more exciting by escaping the challenging rooms. HFG Entertainments has just released Moustache King, is another classic room escape game This game will put your searching skills to the test by requiring you to find all hidden objects and go from one door to the next. To get there, utilize all of your skills to unravel the mystery and complete each task on your own. Puzzle Quest will entice you to start on a long journey with a captivating story. Put on your detective hat and glasses and start in search of the hidden objects so you may plot your escape. To resolve the multiple numbers and letter mazes, answer the riddles, unlock the locks, and examine the clues revealed. Prepare yourself for risk and a lot of unexpected twists. To unlock the door, complete the tasks. Tackle tricky riddles to unlock more items and demonstrate your key-finding skills. There are several strange stages in the game, each with its own escape strategy. Enjoy an hour of mind-bending entertainment! Pleasurable Puzzles you may put your mind to the test while having fun with this brain teaser of a game. Push out your brain and exercise your mind to solve the challenging puzzles. There are several enigma puzzles to give you time. Try this game as a source of enjoyment to relieve stress, and you'll become addicted to our one-of-a-kind stories. If you enjoy completing difficult riddles, don't miss out on this challenging puzzle-solving quest. GAME STORY: Once upon a time, there was a Moustache King with a long moustache who ruled a kingdom. Everything was fine and good in his Kingdom. But one fine day, a fortnight before his daughter Pearls wedding, she is abducted by a vile witch. The King sets a troupe and moves further in search of his daughter through woods and valleys. Will he get any clue? Where is the Witch? To know more, lets explore along with the King. Help him in finding his daughter Pearl. And return before the eve of the wedding. Features: - 100 Challenging levels. - Humane hints for perfect assistance. - Daily gifts and rewards are available. - Savable progress is enabled. - Localized in Major Languages. - Family Entertainer suitable for all ages. - Challenging Tricky puzzles to solve. - Concealed objects to explore the unique levels. - Amazing graphics and gameplay.

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