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Pakistani Wedding APK

Welcome to the Pakistani Wedding! Enjoy Muslim Hijab Girl Wedding Ceremony.

Jul 23, 2021
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  • Welcome to the Pakistani Wedding! Enjoy Muslim Hijab Girl Wedding Ceremony.
  • Muslim Hijab Wedding Honeymoon
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Pakistani Wedding APK

Welcome to the Pakistani Wedding - Muslim Hijab Wedding Honeymoon. A Pakistani wedding is full of fun and celebrations, with moments of sadness, tears of joy and happiness, and so much more.
So ready for the Pakistani Wedding - Muslim Hijab Girl Wedding? Well look around, there must be a wedding card Invitation lying around!
If not, download and play Pakistani Wedding - Muslim Hijab Girl Wedding Honeymoon to enjoy the Pakistani cultural or traditional wedding ceremony.

❣Makeup with Hijab
Wearing a Hijab in Islam is a sign of modesty and simplicity. Along with the covering of the head, you can also use makeup, which will add more charm and beauty to the look. Accessorizing your hijab with number of elegant dulan makeup options which includes charming colorful eyeball, eyelashes, eye-shadows, lipsticks, blushes, wedding tikka and Face Mask! will change your look dramatically.

❣Dress Up
The bride and groom are dressed in a colorful attire where the bridal wear Anarkali Suits Sharara Gharara Lehnga Bridal Gown while the groom wears a long designer Sherwani. Not only the couple, but guests also come in beautiful, colorful attires like Saree, Salwar suit or Kurta pajama.

❣Proposal with Hijab Girl and Boy
The marriages regardless of being arranged initiate with the meetings of both the families involved. The proposal of the marriage is put forth by the boy’s family. Some parents permit the couple to have a talk in isolation, once the parents are convinced the couple is set to be hitched!

❣Pakistani Engagement/Mangni
The first tradition is recognised as a “Mangni” which marks the fact that the couple is officially engaged. The rings are exchanged along with the offerings of elders’ blessings. This is the ceremony where the wedding date is determined.

❣Muslim Invitation Card
Design a wedding invitation to warm up your wedding events. A custom invitation will Impress your guests deeply and will be cherished forever.

The Pakistani wedding broadly consists of mayon, mehndi, nikaah, baraat and valima; with mehndi, baraat and valima warranting separate events on separate days.

❣ Haldi/Mayon
Haldi is a  wedding ritual followed by the bride and groom - a form of purification by pouring oil and haldi all over the bride/groom bodies this is done by the family members of both. After the ceremony is finish couple cannot leave the house.

❣ Rasm-e-Heena/Mehndi
Rasm-e-Heena or mehndi is a ceremony that is named after henna, a dye prepared to apply onto the hands of the bride and groom. This event is held a few days before the main wedding ceremony and was traditionally held separately for the bride and the groom.

❣ Baraat
Traditionally, the groom would travel to the venue by a decorated horse. The groom is given a warm welcome by the bride's family with flower garlands and rose petals thrown upon the procession by the bride's sisters, cousins and friends.

❣ Nikah
Nikah is the formal marriage ceremony where a marriage contract is signed by both the bride and the groom in presence of close family members. The nikah is performed by a religious scholar- Imam, Mufti, Sheikh or Mullah, who in Pakistan will be licensed by the government to perform the Nikkah. 

❣ Walima
Walima is the final day of the wedding held by the couple as they host their first dinner as husband and wife.

❣ Shab-i-Zifaf/Honeymoon
Shab-i-Zifaf refers to the couples' first night together and it occurs after the bride has left for the groom's house. On the day of the wedding, the couples' bedroom is decorated with flowers. After the relatives have left, the groom enters the bedroom where the bride is waiting and First the husband to present his newly-wed wife.

Enjoy and feel the Pakistani culture in Pakistani Wedding - Muslim Hijab Wedding Honeymoon!
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