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JDraw Japanese Mosaic APK

Enjoy solving more than 10000 free pixel art puzzles

Oct 12, 2022
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  • Enjoy solving more than 10000 free pixel art puzzles
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  • A japanese jdraw game that will be great addition to your phone.
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JDraw Japanese Mosaic APK

Oh, those Japanese! They have invented so many logic picture puzzles! The one of them is Japanese Mosaic.
Japanese Mosaic is a clue-linking puzzle based on a grid with a pixel-art picture hidden inside. Using logic the solver determines which squares are painted and which should remain empty until the hidden picture is completely exposed. Japanese Mosaic Puzzle also known as “Japanese Painting”, “Fill-a-Pix”, "Mosaic”, "Mosaik”, "Nurie Puzzle", "Nampre Puzzle".
Puzzle look like a grid with numbers scattered in various places. Each number (clue) shows how many squares around clue, (including square with clue) should be fill in. Therefore, used clues are in the range from 0 to 9 inclusive.
If you like Japanese crosswords, Nonograms, Sudoku, Philippine Puzzle and other logic puzzles, you will love Japanese Mosaic as well!
We wish you to have a pleasant game!

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