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Braid inspiration ideas for african women.

Dec 11, 2021
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Key features

  • Braid inspiration ideas for african women.
  • braids inspo
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  • A inspo braids app that will be great addition to your phone.
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» Description
Afro Coiffure is an App that will give you many ideas of afro hairstyle, afro haircut, and African braids for women.

Find all hairstyles and braids for black women based on your favourite styles, trendy hairstyles, and natural hair cut preferences. Download the app for free and get ready to take your style to the next level!

The App features a plethora of African braids and afro hairstyles to choose from to suit your preferences. There are short or long hairstyles for any type of woman. Whatever your skin tone, make-up, clothing or dress style, you will find the braids and hairstyles for black and mixed-race women that suit you.

How it works ?


Check out all the latest afro hairstyles for black women. Click on the picture to view full screen. You can download the hairstyle to your phone. You can also freely share all photos on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. The app contains hundreds of different hairstyles:
*Afro puff: Hairstyle that consists of tying your afro hair in order to have a voluminous cabbage
*Bantu knot: Protective Hairstyle which consists in rolling up the hair on themselves and rolling them up again to make a cabbage
*Braids: also called Box Braids, these are braids fed by wicks of any type (wool, smooth wicks, or curly wicks). They are worn short, square, or long and can be embellished with jewelry, pearls etc.
*Crochet Braids: As for weaving, the hair is braided then strands of locks are added individually using a hook.
*Locks: Ancestral hairstyle where locks are "rolled"
*Braids: Protective hairstyle where the hair is braided first, then strands of natural or synthetic hair (called bundles) are sewn to the braids to give a natural effect to the hairstyle.
*Tapered cut : layered on natural hair, the hair is shorter at the temples and at the back of the head.


You can rate all hairstyles and braid types on the app. You just need to go to the RATE section to rate all the afro hairstyles and afro braids for women.


Watch and download dozens of videos that show trendy braids and trendy hairstyles for women, girls and teens.

You receive a notification to see the latest afro hairstyles and braids that have just been added to the app.

Save the hairstyles and braids you like in your favourites to have access to them at any time even without an internet connection.

You can share with your friends all photos and videos on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook etc.

Find your own afro hairstyle by browsing all the models available in videos and pictures.

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