Lie Detector Prank APK

Prank your friends. Test them if they lie!

Oct 10, 2014
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Android OS

Key features

  • Prank your friends. Test them if they lie!
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  • A game prank game that will be great addition to your phone.
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Lie Detector Prank APK

Do you want to prank your friends? Test them by checking who is telling the truth and who is lying! Tell them to speak and then hold the scanner button. When the "scan" finishes it will show a random answer, truth or lie, to your friends. When the simulated scan begins, a ray will scan the fingerprint of your friends. Custom drawn nice animations help make for a great prank. First - place your finger on the scanner panel, then wait while a laser scans your fingerprint and when analysis is complete, the detector will provide an answer to your friend if they are telling a truth or are they lying.

Lie Detector Prank (Android Package) APK 1.4 Mb

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