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Foodvisor - Nutrition & Diet APK

A Nutrition & Sport Coach in your pocket to help you reach your weight goal

May 29, 2023
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Require Android 7.0

Key features

  • A Nutrition & Sport Coach in your pocket to help you reach your weight goal
  • Rated 5 STARS by tens of thousands of users*
  • Answer a few questions and we'll create a diet program that's right for you, based on your profile, motivation and needs.
  • Receive your custom nutrition program instantly, created by nutritionists and based on behavioral science to ensure sustainable results.
  • Follow our daily recommendations, chat and get coaching from one of our registered dietitians through the app, and key insights to create healthier habits.
  • Get your personal fitness program, AI-powered, based on your goals and fitness preferences.
  • Get on-going support to help you stay motivated, reach and maintain your weight goal long term.
  • Custom diet program and meal plan with daily advice and courses to help you achieve your personal goal one step at a time.
  • :1 coaching and chat with registered dietitians to support you on your journey.
  • Count your calories and track your macros easily: snap a picture of your meal to reveal its nutritional content (calories, macros, micros), scan barcodes, or create your own favorite foods.
  • Hundreds of healthy, delicious and easy recipes tailored to you, to inspire you to reach your weight goals.
  • Easy-to-use tracking tools to log your weight, activities, steps, macros and water.
  • Follow at-home workout videos with fitness coaches, all which you can do without any equipment.
  • Import and export your nutrition data, exercise data, and weight and body measurements to and from the Google Fit App.
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  • A calorie foodvisor app that will be great addition to your phone.
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  • Foodvisor--Nutrition--Diet APK can be downloaded free of charge.
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Foodvisor APK

Foodvisor is a nutrition coach that will help you eat healthier and reach your goal. Just snap a picture of your meal and you will receive its nutrition facts! Regain control over your diet and learn to make better food choices.

Whether you’re looking to get healthier, lose weight, tone your body, or take on a new diet; Foodvisor will help you develop healthier habits allowing you to achieve your goal!


• Take a photo of your meal and receive its nutrition facts (i.e. calories, proteins, carbs, fats, fibers, cholesterol, etc).
• Scan barcodes to track and log your food easily.
• Create custom meals and save your favorite meals.


• Set a goal: You can choose to lose weight, gain weight, maintain your weight, establish a healthy balance to your life and much more!
• Log your activities and see how many calories you've burned
• Track your weight, monitor your progress and receive guidance to achieve your health goals.

Download Foodvisor and start living a healthier and happier life today!

You need to have version 6 of Android to download Foodvisor.

Foodvisor - Nutrition & Diet (Android Package) APK 27.8mb

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