Painting cars.

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Painting cars. APK

Of course, the coloring of cars, it's brushes, paints and drawing

Nov 10, 2021
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Require Android 4.4 and up

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  • Of course, the coloring of cars, it's brushes, paints and drawing
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  • A cars painting game that will be great addition to your phone.
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Painting cars. APK

All children from childhood are passionate about creativity. For them, this is an educational game. In games for kids, they learn everything that happens in the world, and parents learn what his child is passionate about and help develop children's talents. And what game for the child will approach best? Of course, the coloring of cars, it's brushes, paints and drawing. Color the pictures in your own way and create incredible things in the form of a teaching game! You can paint everything - the sky, trees and funny cars - than only your imagination restricts you. This can be compared even with recognized masters of painting in a new educational game for children - the coloring of a typewriter.
" + `What else is attractive in the children's game "Coloring cars"? In addition to teaching attention and memory, it also provides novice illustrators with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world in which a tractor, fire engine, jeep, bus and truck will become your reliable means of transportation. The application "Coloring car" - one of the few sketchboxes that have a common theme and direction. Here you will not see the thoughtless colors of trees, houses and roads. Even such an application about cars makes a child learn, think and acquire new knowledge, and not aimlessly spend time on the screen of a tablet or mobile phone.
` + "Another important advantage of the application is that it is absolutely free game. This allows anyone to install a children's album on their phone or tablet and enjoy an exciting adventure in the world of fast cars without extra money. In addition, the game does not require an Internet connection, which means that you can play coloring for boys anywhere: at home, on a train, plane, car and even on a hike!
The application is a true innovation among other mobile games, as it combines two main functions: entertainment and education. Children learn to recognize colors, numbers and letters in the form of a game that helps them to effectively memorize the information they have received. Unlike the usual drawing room, here children want to learn and develop. This interactive coloring book is constantly supplemented with new illustrations for young artists. Therefore, we will not let you fall asleep. From the very beginning you will receive more than fifteen wonderful colorful photos of cool cars for your baby, among which there will be a police car, a racing car, a taxi and a cargo car.
In the application "Color Auto" there are 4 modes that the child chooses in the process of drawing:
Drawing - Draw every detail of the machine. This regime teaches persistence and develops small motor skills of the hands. Also in it there is the possibility of free drawing on a blank sheet. The child can show imagination, paint his car and depict it with bright colors.
Colors - this mode involves completely flooding with color, not colored parts of the vehicle, saturating the picture with bright colors at the baby's choice. He is free to choose colors with all shades.
Neon lights are a special mode, which is a mode of free drawing. Here, a young artist can draw a drawing with bright, neon lights.
Draw a salute - a unique mode for relaxation, draw colorful lines of any shape and size and see the result! The picture will come alive with a bright salute!
Painting a car is an old, familiar book with drawings. With the help of modern technology, it will give you and your child a wonderful and fascinating time with the whole family. Unlike other coloring for girls, the application will give children a set of illustrations from steep wheelbarrows that you can turn into a real work of art with your own hands and become great artists of our time! But there is even a skating rink and a tap!
This is an excellent addition to family vacations and rest. Draw a car to help your child develop and explore the world!

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