Baby In Pink Horror House Game APK

Take care of baby in pink in horror house Game made for horror games lovers.

Dec 17, 2022
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Require Android 5.1

Key features

  • Take care of baby in pink in horror house Game made for horror games lovers.
  • If you are looking for a solid game rated with 2.90/5 from 21 votes , the Baby In Pink Horror House Game is just for you.
  • A horror pink game that will be great addition to your phone.
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  • Baby-In-Pink-Horror-House-Game APK can be downloaded free of charge.
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Baby In Pink Horror House Game APK

Welcome to the haunted Horror House where you will face a Scary Baby playing in a yellow horror escape room. Are you ready to face this evil kid in our newly developed Baby In Pink Horror House Game? Download this amazing babysitter’s games simulator if you are brave enough to enter into the adventure of creepy horror games of virtual nightmares in the pink horror house. You will enjoy this baby horror game if you can complete different Babysitter horror survival challenges to escape wild ghost mystery rooms of scary baby horror house games. Explore the dark & yellow house and meet the evil child face to face in offline creepy games and spooky scary teacher games. In this dark haunted house scare game, your main playing role is the unruly granny of a pink doll a hungry evil child who lives in the scary yellow house. Be calm and stay away from the evil granny nanny in the yellow dark house of a horrible nightmare.
The parents of Pink Baby have died so it is your responsibility to take care of this evil horror spooky child in the pink babysitter escape game. You have some daily tasks in this dark yellow scary baby horror game to feed the unruly scary baby and keep him safe from spooky haunted house nun of creepy granny doll games. Change his yellow dirty diaper and clean him in yellow horror house games. This Baby in Pink will try to scare you in this babysitting horror game with his baby's nightmare adventure. He will try his best to escape from a haunted house but you need to keep him with you because there is another naughty & horror doll who trying to kill him in this horror simulator game. Use your creepy babysitting game and scary babysitting game skills to complete this task. Dealing with other scary baby girls is a creepy nightmare of this haunted spooky escape game baby escape game. So be careful about your every single act in the count to your success in pink scary baby's babysitter haunted house games. You have to complete tasks of the pink horror house game within the timelines given by unruly baby granny and her creepy babies. Follow the directional symbols of yellow home games to safely escape from granny horror house.
Silent Features of dark pink houses baby simulator games:
=> Unlock exciting spooky child missions by completing levels of the Horror house game
=> Realistic Ultra-Hd virtual baby nightmares for scary pranks in the pink baby horror game
=> creepy scary child sounds, evil forces effects, and scary death house environment
=> Find Escape baby house room keys to boosting your powers in a ghost haunted house
=> Do not mess with the sleeping yellow spooky baby in the Scary baby game
=> Multiple camera views of rooms will help in hiding a safe place in Horror Baby Game
Save dark yellow baby in every situation of the yellow-haunted house in this yellow ghost game and granny escape game. Do not make any noise otherwise scary ghost child will hear it then there will no chance to escape the rooms of the baby girl spooky games. This naughty child yellow game is specially designed for an angry baby who likes the babysitter horror family simulator game. It's not like other traditional Scary Child pink horror games and scary walker baby granny games. it has a different story of evil granny home super scary game. Have fun with virtual spooky children in this haunted city nightmare escape game. It is free for all so download it from the play store and enjoy the unlimited horror games and fun.

Baby In Pink Horror House Game (Android Package) APK 52.1mb

Made by: Khan Asif