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A community support app to encourage the Saudi nation to get active every day

Jun 23, 2022
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Key features

  • A community support app to encourage the Saudi nation to get active every day
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  • A physical groups app that will be great addition to your phone.
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» Description
The Saudi Sports for All (SFA) presents your go-to app to find out how to participate in community, group and individual sports, physical activities for all fitness levels.n
It also offers support to all members of the society and community encouraging the Saudi nation to get active every day! In the launch version of this app, community sports group leaders can create and manage sports groups; share those groups and invite people to events and enjoy the experience of getting physically active with likeminded people. n
The app offers useful search and filtration options as well as offering top tips and trends in health wellness. All focused on encouraging people to get physically active and stay healthy - be that on your own, with family or in a local group.n
What does the app offer?n
Find out about fitness groups, activities and events! Can’t find what you’re looking for? The SFA app offers the functionality to create your own group, verify it, and then invite people to participate in your favourite sport. n
If you are a community sports group, use our ‘Request For Support’ portal to find out about how SFA can support you in the best way possible to realize your goal of making your sports and physical event/activity ideas accessible to everyone in your area.n
Access to health and wellness tips and trends to encourage all people, of all ages to participate in physical activity and general healthy living. n
Future releases of the app will include the integration of digital fitness tracking formats, a special focus on encouraging sports and physical activity in the workplace, a loyalty program with a gamification element to increase physical activity levels offering a dynamic, full customer experience – all with the focus of encouraging higher levels of physical activity.n
What features are there exactly?n
Access to community sports groups – find a sport or physical activity that you’re interested in in your area and get involvedn
Find out how to request support from SFA on your local sports initiative or group – the SFA is here to help you encourage all people of all ages through your local group or initiative. Registering takes a few minutes and we promise to come back to you at the soonest.n
Create groups and events focused on physical activityn
Receive notifications about your interests and events – we’ll keep you up to date with push notifications that you’ve already told us you’re interested in. n
Read about health and wellness tips and trends – all the latest information in one easily accessible place.

Sports for All Federation pioneers sports sector digital transformation with beta mobile app launch

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