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Crapette! APK

Solitaire for people who hate solitaire

Dec 10, 2022
card, games, zones, trump, quot, crapette, solitaire
Require Android 7.0

Key features

  • Solitaire for people who hate solitaire
  • If you are looking for a solid game rated with 5.00/5 from 1 votes , the Crapette! is just for you.
  • A trump zones game that will be great addition to your phone.
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Crapette! APK

Crapette is a Solitaire like except it's in multiplayer, you win when you manage to play all your cards before everyone else.
Similar to Russian bank or "crapette nordique" it has different game mechanics.
If you didn't see it, I strongly recommend watching this 2 minutes tutorial explaining all the game mechanics :
There are 3 zones where you can play cards: The bottom zone (you and your opponents), the middle zone and the zone on the right.
The middle zone : you play cards of alternating colors and of -1 value
(e.g. A black queen on a red king)
The right zone : you play cards of the same suit and +1 value only starting from the Ace (or Excuse for the Trump suit)
(e.g. Ace of diamond then 2 of diamond, ..., Excuse then 1,2,3 of trump ...)
The bottom zone (you and your opponents) : you can play cards with a value of +/- 1 your playing card and of a different color (e.g. on a black Queen you can play either a red King or a red Cavalry
Cards ranks from highest to lowest : King (R), Queen(D), Cavalry(C), Jack(V), 10 to 1.
Trump ranks from highest to lowest : 21 to 1 then Excuse (0).
Trump cards follow the same rules as the other cards except they can only played on trumps only.
Before drawing, **think**, is there a card in your discard or on the neutral zone that is playable? If yes you have to play it otherwise you commit a "crapette" and your opponents can take advantage of this at their turn by making you turn two cards.
Crapette is compounding, if someone fail to call another person Crapette it's a Crapette too and she/he can be punished for it.
Check "how to play" in order to visually understand somes rules, or learn by playing if you feel adventurous
(I altered some original rules to make the game more playable in multiplayer)

Join the discord if you want to discuss about the game, ask questions, share some feedback or just say hi !
I'm alone on this project and it's not my work, don't hesitate to give me some feedback !

Crapette! (Android Package) APK 67.7mb

Made by: Romain Bitard