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Forest of Change APK

Forest of Change is a fun app that lets you explore your hobbies and activities.

Dec 3, 2020
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Require Android 5.0 and up

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  • Forest of Change is a fun app that lets you explore your hobbies and activities.
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  • A life change app that will be great addition to your phone.
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Forest of Change APK

In a crucial time like this pandemic storm, you might feel a lack of productivity, fall into depression, or get bored easily. You may need to add some new activities into your life to stay motivated and productive.

Forest of Change app brings you the opportunity to do new, little things every day to make you happier and more spontaneous. This is a place where you can build your resilience, gain knowledge, and know the purpose of your life.

Discover new places, hobbies, and people, along with tracking your progress over time with the help of our new things app. There are hundreds of tasks to complete that will completely transform your life for the better.

There are cards to swipe. When you have no things to do, you can swipe the cards for new, crazy, and humorous ideas. It is time to keep you motivated with personal development by joyful and fun activities.

What does the app offer?

The app offers you a lot of free ideas. You will get suggestions in many aspects of life such as productivity, motivation, drawing, crafting, exercising, creativity, healthy eating, habit loop, socializing, and many more.

You can complete random tasks in a fun way to gain confidence and rejuvenate your energy. New activities will help you overcome various obstacles and life pitfalls. You will learn to balance your negative emotions using this app, and ultimately become more passionate about life.

The vast and mysterious forest in the app brings you many adventures. You can collect exotic fruits and odd flowers as rewards after completing tasks. You can trace the hidden monsters and save the forest from the dark force.

The app helps you break your old habit loops. It shows you a new direction in life. If you think about what to do when you are bored, it offers you to change your lifestyle and way of thinking. You start to eat healthily, unleash your creative side, be more passionate about your hobbies, expand your knowledge, and craft your world.

You can even play with your kids so that they don’t get the chance to think “what to do with my life”. Get everyone’s life sorted with the help of this task app. Explore new spots and make travel plans for a change.

Key features of this lifestyle app:

# More than 20 decks and over 1000 cards offer you creative ideas, random tasks, motivational rants, and more.

# The reflection page for each of your actions lets you track your progress to understand how you achieve things in life.

# The mystic forest lets you become an adventurer. Fight the dark force to save the forest, find your treasure chest, and explore your life.

# After overcoming life challenges, get the reward scheme with nearly hundreds of exotic fruits, odd flowers, and crazy monsters.

# Share personalized achievements with your beloved, family, and friends.

Task list offers you a massive number of tasks that you can complete to renew your life. Free time activities will help you enjoy life in a new and exuberant way.

Install the app for free and start shuffling your life. In-app purchases are also available, you can always do more of it.

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