Toys and Colors

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Kids edutainment: stories, funny tv show, kids videos, games, songs, music, toys

Jan 17, 2022
entertainment, toys, colors, kids, videos, games, books, songs, friendly, children
Require Android 5.0 and up

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  • Kids edutainment: stories, funny tv show, kids videos, games, songs, music, toys
  • Fun for Kids
  • If you are looking for a solid game rated with 4.10/5 from 64 votes , the Toys and Colors is just for you.
  • A kids colors game that will be great addition to your phone.
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» Description
Friends, family, and fans...

WELCOME to the Toys and Colors app where your kids can play, learn, and have fun in a safe trusted learning environment.

Thanks for letting Toys and Colors be a part of your child’s daily routine, at home or on the go! Our Toys and Colors app is free and offers family-friendly entertainment with values...right at your fingertips!

Access over 500 kid-safe videos, games, audio picture books, songs, and exclusive content only available on our app! Quality and original content are added weekly! That means your kids will never be bored with our educational games, engaging audio picture books, fun music, and kid-friendly videos.

Toys and Colors is a popular family content creator that focuses on children’s entertainment with an educational purpose. We have been making kids laugh and learn since 2016 with 30 million subscribers and over 26 billion views on YouTube. We have quality curated content that’s 100% safe and kid-appropriate!


VIDEOS: 500+ wholesome and entertaining videos
o Category filters such as: math, ABCs, songs, etc so you can easily find your favorite!
o Exclusive videos only available on our app

AUDIO PICTURE BOOKS: 30+ beautifully illustrated original books.
o Narrated by kid voice
o Diverse characters, heroes, and heroines
o text on/text off, audio on/audio off (read alone or read to me mode)
o well-rounded topics: friendship, confidence, sharing, respect, bravery,
respect for nature, animals, loneliness, fear of the dark, fishing, camping,
and more!

GAMES: interactive and educational with a diverse selection of characters/players to choose from
o Recycling Game
Learn to recycle and sort: plastic, metal, glass, and compost. Perfect for
all ages and improve fine motor skills.
o SpellingGame
Learn to spell and pronounce words at different level as you run, jump,
and catch letters.
o Tracing Game
Learn to write and trace letters, words, and numbers. Young-learner
o Color Game
Learn about colors in this 3D Pacman style game. All ages will love this
o Balloon Game
Learn numbers, letters, colors, and words while popping balloons.
Different levels for all ages.
o Puzzle Game
Learn visual recognition and shapes with fun Toys and Colors puzzles!
Good for all ages.
o Color by Numbers Game
Learn colors and numbers by coloring original Toys and Colors art!
o Memory Game
Improve memory and learn colors, fruits, math. Perfect for all ages!
o Shopping Game
Learn to check off lists and pretend play grocery shopping! Fun for all
o Morning Routine Game
Learn good habits for morning routine such as: brushing teeth, getting
dressed. Appropriate for all ages.

SONGS: 50+ original songs only available on the app

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