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Amaha (InnerHour): self-care APK

Overcome depression, stress & sleep concerns with journal, mood & goal trackers

Sep 26, 2023
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Key features

  • Overcome depression, stress & sleep concerns with journal, mood & goal trackers
  • Self-help tools
  • Self-help activities
  • Easy-to-use trackers
  • Expert curated resources
  • The Amaha Community
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Amaha (InnerHour) APK

Make self-care a priority with the InnerHour app

Do you want to overcome depression? Beat anxiety? Tackle stress? Or simply feel happier?

The InnerHour app is here to help!

Using their insights from therapy and the latest science in CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness, our team of psychiatrists and psychologists have replicated the real-life therapy experience into a self-help app for you.

The app is your safe space for self-care, with 300+ therapy-based self-help tools designed for depression, anxiety, stress and other mental health concerns.

▌Six self-help courses

• Depression: Make small changes to overcome depression
• Anxiety: Attain calm with strategies for anxiety relief
• Sleep: Build a sleep schedule and develop habits to sleep better
• Stress: Keep a check on your stress levels to feel in control
• Anger: Channelise your anger and build learn strategies to cool down
• Happiness: Develop critical skills to feel happier in life

▌Personalised 4-week plans

With the help of a scientific assessment, the app will identify your unique mental health needs and build a personalised self-care plan for depression, anxiety, stress & more.

So what does your plan entail?

1. Self-care activities

We have condensed decades of therapy experience and mental health research into simple activities - each teaching a strategy based on CBT, Positive Psychology, or Mindfulness. All you need is 5 minutes each day to work on yourself!

2. Goal setting and tracking

Our goal setting and tracking mechanism will help you build healthy habits that will last a lifetime. With this CBT-inspired feature, stay motivated to meet your physical and mental health goals - be it healthy eating, exercising or thinking positively.

3. Mood tracking

Check-in with yourself with our specialised tracker! The more you track, the more insights you will get. You can even identify specific emotions and map your mood to different activities you engage in throughout the day.

4. InnerHour Resources

We want you to keep learning on your self-help journey. Our resources include articles, tips, and inspiring quotes to help you stay motivated. For instance, you will:

• Understand the different causes of depression
• Learn about the symptoms of anxiety
• Know how to tell if it’s time to go to therapy

Your self-help plan is a reflection of what happens in real life therapy. Over 4 weeks, we hope to help you practise skills to battle depression, sleep better, get anxiety relief, and ultimately lead an emotionally healthy life.

Your self-care journey doesn’t have to end here…

• Access additional self-help courses

We’ve built shorter courses to offer support for more specific concerns like overthinking, social anxiety, loneliness & more. Just like in therapy, you can work on these specific areas in addition to your main plan.

• Feel less alone with Allie

In times of distress, talk to Allie, our intelligent chatbot. Allie identifies your mental health difficulty at the moment - be it anxiety or depression - and offers simple activities to help you feel calm immediately.

• Find hope, peace & stability during the health crisis

Access our limited-period self-help courses to get emotional support for dealing with the health crisis. You can also talk to Allie if you’re overwhelmed by what’s going on in the world.

Treat yourself to unlimited self-care, starting today.

The InnerHour app is free to download for all. A number of our offerings are available for free, including our Foundation courses, the Relief Bot, Self-Care Goals, the Mood Tracker, and InnerHour Resources.

For any questions, you can reach out to us on [email protected].
Visit our website:

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