Backrooms Descent

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Backrooms Descent: Horror Game APK

You must find a way to escape the horror of backrooms and return to your family.

Aug 18, 2023
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Require Android 5.1

Key features

  • You must find a way to escape the horror of backrooms and return to your family.
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Backrooms Descent APK

If you are not careful enough, you may end up in that place, the place some call The Backrooms.

The Backrooms of existence, a hellish dimension of infinite maze-like constructs, each level pushing deeper into the despair.

Could you, a normal person find the way out? Dive deeper into the horror of the backrooms as you descent into fear.

In the real world, you have a family waiting for you, keep this as motivation to face horror, move forward and try to reach the end, for it may be the only way to escape.
This scary adventure will keep your heart beating fast as the uneasy loneliness of these walls screams.

The backrooms is a horror game that focuses on stealth, trying to hide from enemies if you hear them, as they may have already heard you.

Collect items to help you on your journey, do not waste them for no reason as they are scarce in the horror mazes of the backrooms.

A dangerous place, the horror awaits in the dark, keep your hopes up and keep going.

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Made by: Sushi Studios