Affirm - daily meditation app APK

Affirm yourself with daily meditation and affirmations. Be in a good headspace

Jul 7, 2022
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Require Android 6.0

Key features

  • Affirm yourself with daily meditation and affirmations. Be in a good headspace
  • If you are looking for a solid app rated with 4.50/5 from 13 votes , the Affirm - daily meditation app is just for you.
  • A meditation daily app that will be great addition to your phone.
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  • Affirm--daily-meditation-app APK can be downloaded free of charge.
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Affirm - daily meditation app APK

Affirm your life using our application with the most motivating audio phrases. Meditation it's a way to be in a good headspace, to see how life will be transformed exclusively in a positive way, how everything will sparkle with new and unusual color.
Programming your own subconscious mind helps you tune in to solving almost any task. Meditation as one of the main approaches in this matter. Affirmations are one of the methods of meditation that can qualitatively change a person’s subconscious level, visualise their own goals in order to achieve them. You could affirm a mark inside your subconscious, so that the subconscious will begin to respond to a given image, adjusting everything conscious and unconscious to specific goals.
Our application is qualitatively different from the similar ones, drawing in a light space style provides an additional opportunity for meditation. Moving between the "anchors", the role of which the planets play in the universe, the new planet will allow the study of new affirmations. "Anchors" - the ability to have clearly defined landmarks, traveling between the reached points. By listening to audio and reading affirmations, you can tune in to a powerful stream of cosmic energy, improving the internal perception of the world. Our program is designed for meditation and self-hypnosis.
The Affirm app includes many different sections, without exception, everyone will be able to find what it is right now that consciousness needs most. The base of audio affirmations and collection of music for meditation are constantly growing.
Affirmation for happiness is an exceptionally positive convincing program, pursuing the goal of achieving happiness, provides an important reserve, for further work on yourself. The fact remains - a happy, confident person is able to constantly move to new heights. Affirm happiness!
The affirmation of success is a huge part of meditation. Designed to consolidate the simple truth within the subconscious mind - any initiative will lead to success. You need to be in the right headspace. This creates a favourable emotional background, a way of thinking, creating positive vibrations. Affirm success!
Continuous improvement and self-knowledge, growth over oneself is the path to spiritual perfection. Our program is designed for those who do not rest on their laurels, and not looking back, ready to go forward. The light color scheme of the application and the complete absence of intrusive, inappropriate advertising will allow you to completely concentrate without experiencing distractions.
Several categories include a lot of audio affirmations, allowing from beginning to end to go all the way into the depths of your subconscious, forming the settings for it. Motivate yourself in order to achieve all the goals.
Each affirmation you choose to read or listen to should be fully consistent with your inner world. It is important to use a set of words that reflects your own deep views in conjunction with desires, but in no case every minute impulses. Independently forming, verbalising true desires, hidden somewhere deep in the subconscious, with the help of affirmations, meditation and self-hypnosis, you can extract it outward - to make it live.
Often repeating affirmation, closing a circle of five to eight repetitions, you can achieve a state comparable to a meditative trance, where you can easily find echoes of your true "I".
This application of meditation gives a chance to the emotional mood to be always there, regardless of the place, time, mood. By repeating specific positive affirmations for money, you allow your subconscious to better tune in to the necessary wave of cosmic energy. Other motivating phrases in the application will also open up the opportunity to feel how, with proper mood, the world around you will sparkle with new color. Know that words not only have conceptual meaning for you, they tend to change the world around you.

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