Backrooms Horror Adventure APK

Play this horror game of backrooms & find a way to escape in fluorescent lights

Jun 22, 2022
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Require Android 5.0

Key features

  • Play this horror game of backrooms & find a way to escape in fluorescent lights
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  • A horror backrooms game that will be great addition to your phone.
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Backrooms Horror Adventure APK

Welcome to the backrooms survival adventure full of moist carpets. Backrooms Horror Adventure brings the danger you are not aware of. This is not just a haunted house that can make you scream before ending up your life. This is a horror maze full of creepy gameplay with multilevel footage some people found about spooky howlers. An infinite maze that can confuse you with its illusions if you don't dive deeper into backrooms. Screaming is not an option, you have to keep going to find a way out of these scary backrooms of teachers. Choose your path to survive in randomly created creepy backrooms full of spirits, deadly monsters & scary granny. The horror doll and the big bear are roaming around to make you a victim of this descend adventure. Fear is all over these backrooms, avoid traps created by these cryptid creatures of the backrooms adventure game. This screaming gameplay will shock you with a lot of horror surprises like scary dolls or creepy teachers. n
Survive in Backrooms Horror Adventure by solving the puzzle full of rooms that can speak & hear your every scream. The horror doll & the big bear are slashers of these corridors of backrooms. Use your stealth to escape from these scary monsters of carpeted backrooms that never end. An endless maze full of darkness will test your bravery & give you a chance to survive in this Backrooms horror puzzle. Beware of dreadful creatures that can make you scream if you ever feel weak in this horror escape from backrooms. Cross the backroom levels one by one, do not take the big bear & scary doll easy. Collect hidden things and find your way to escape. Always be ready for the deadly traps by evil plush toys in these horror nights of scary backrooms. Keep an eye on every coming challenge to avoid any incident of clash & screaming fight. These randomly segmented backrooms are a part of a haunted house where scary neighbors lived for hundred years. Solve this puzzle in order to go home, this horror maze is not a cup of tea you can take so easily. These backrooms are full of stunk & moist carpets with a lot of dirt. n
Play this Descent Backrooms Horror Game to experience nostalgic feelings when you are lost in endless piles of creepy rooms full of fluorescent lights. Don't panic due to the hum-buzz of the scary dolls of a haunted house on horror nights of this creepy gameplay. This Backrooms horror story maze is based on creepypasta where you have been lost. Find your way out to avoid the nightmares of this evil plush toy game. Be careful in the wrong areas of old moist empty rooms full of haunted traps. Don't be prey to these scary dolls & creepy toys on horror nights. Escape by solving the puzzle if you want to hide & seek yourself alive in front of a big bear. Dodge the hostile monster to run for your life successfully. Play this Backrooms Horror Adventure Game to unveil

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Made by: Studio_4726