Crazy Chef-Pizza Cooking Games APK

Become a good pizza maker in pizza games also bake a cake in baking games

Mar 31, 2023
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Require Android 5.1

Key features

  • Become a good pizza maker in pizza games also bake a cake in baking games
  • If you are looking for a solid game rated with 3.90/5 from 15 votes , the Crazy Chef-Pizza Cooking Games is just for you.
  • A chefpizza crazy game that will be great addition to your phone.
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  • Crazy-ChefPizza-Cooking-Games APK can be downloaded free of charge.
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Crazy Chef-Pizza Cooking Games APK

Pizza cooking games for girls bring a new and welcome twist. Fast food restaurants are the new places you’ll be cooking for in this fast food pizza game. Restaurant games involve loads of familiar fun. Cook fast food in the restaurant kitchen. Dash into diner and serve all the waiting customers burgers, pizza and fries in these tasty cooking games for kids. Street food is yummy and here you’ll be cooking classic snacks as well as modern meals such as hot dogs and nuggets. Manage time as you deliver the orders timely to all the rushing customers. This pizza game will make your mouth water as try not to get overwhelmed by cooking frying madness. Put on a crazy chef hat and make all sorts of delicious meals in pizza games and burger games. Everyone who loves great food can enjoy this cooking game.
This cooking pizza simulator game takes place inside a fast food maker restaurant as you try to make your food stand the most successful. Make pizza, burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and sell them to your customers. Some of them may like slub sandwiches or fried chicken. Give them your complete meals with crispy french fries in cafe games. In rush hours, get into the cooking baking madness. Junk food chef need to make sure their foods are loved by their customers in restaurant games. Your most popular item is your in house pizza. Your pizza maker shops are famous throughout the country. Drive your food truck to as many customers as possible to sell your tasty meals in cooking games. This cooking game also has a hot dog maker restaurant kitchen where you will be the master chef. The responsibility of time management games is on you as the master chef as you cook to get all the orders out on time. Be a crazy chef who dash in diner everywhere to get dinner out on time. Enjoy the yummy and fast paced thrill of these fast food games and pizza ;games.
The street food court is always open for our favourite customers. Your food truck takes delicious meals to all the hungry boys and girls waiting for your fast food. The burger maker cooking kitchen is open for all of our customers. They can come inside and make their favourite dishes in this subway sandwich maker restaurant games. Your hungry customers love to eat all the yummy treats you cook in this cooking baking simulator. Be a street food court Kitchen chef in these cooking games for girls. Open a branch of a fried chicken maker shop in your restaurant. French fries making food chefs make crispy snacks to be enjoyed with the main platter. In our club sandwich maker kitchen games, you will be making sandwiches with complete meals for customers to eat up in cooking games for girls.
A variety of yummy pizzas, burgers and more to make in these fast food games
Time management games action as you fulfil the orders
A wonderful soundtrack to accompany your crazy chef adventures!

Crazy Chef-Pizza Cooking Games (Android Package) APK 39.4mb

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