Baby Panda Earthquake Safety 3 APK

Learning about earthquake rescue with little panda.

Apr 23, 2023
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Require Android 4.4

Key features

  • Learning about earthquake rescue with little panda.
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  • A earthquake pandas game that will be great addition to your phone.
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Baby Panda Earthquake Safety 3 APK

BabyBus has always been concerned about the safety of children. For this reason, we have been developing a series of games related to safety issues, and we hope that children can learn to keep themselves safe even as they are being entertained.
We are pleased to present a new addition to the Earthquake Safety Series developed by BabyBus: Little Panda's Earthquake Rescue!
Oh! An earthquake! Homes, factories, and schools have been severely damaged. Some people have been trapped in the ruins, and some have been injured. These people need rescue and other assistance!
Rescue preparations:
[Establishing rescue route] Control your drone to take snapshots of the disaster area and establish a rescue route.
[Tools selection] Choose from a range of more than 25 tool items, such as emergency rescue kits, ropes, electric saws and pulley blocks, etc., to create your own rescue kit that you need most for the rescue effort.
[Passing through the danger zone] The earthquake has made the trip through the tunnel a highly hazardous one. Watch out for the falling rocks and the crevices!
Aiding the injured in different scenes:
[At the residential building] Locate the injured with the help of detectors, and rescue them after tackling obstacles.
[At the school] Locate the injured with the aid of a search dog, and provide treatment to the person found.
[At the factory] Put out the fire at the factory, then transport important material such as food and water to the people who need them using a forklift.
During the earthquake rescue process, BabyBus will teach children how to escape from fires, stay safe during earthquakes, basic wound treatment, and other types of knowledge related to emergency response. We hope that this knowledge will come in handy if and when the time comes.

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