Baby Panda's Kids Safety APK

Lots of holiday safety tips to keep you out of danger!

Aug 6, 2023
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Require Android 4.4

Key features

  • Lots of holiday safety tips to keep you out of danger!
  • When riding in a car, you should sit in a safety seat and fasten your seat belt.
  • When crossing the street, watch the lights and stop on red and go on green.
  • If you get lost, remember to get help from the police!
  • The pond is deep and dangerous, so don't play near it!
  • Don't jump or chase when taking the elevator.
  • If there is a fire in the mall, remember to follow the safety channel signs to escape.
  • Don't open the door if a stranger knocks when you are home alone!
  • Don't play in the bathroom because the floor is slippery and it's easy to fall.
  • Don't put inedible objects, such as batteries and lipstick, in your mouth.
  • Teach kids 16 holiday safety tips!
  • Simulate 16 real danger scenarios!
  • 0+ fun safety interactions!
  • 6 safety tip cards!
  • If you are looking for a solid game rated with 4.10/5 from 17 votes , the Baby Panda's Kids Safety is just for you.
  • A kids pandas game that will be great addition to your phone.
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  • Baby-Pandas-Kids-Safety APK can be downloaded free of charge.
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Baby Panda's Kids Safety APK

Summer vacation is the time of year kids have been anticipating for several months. Stay at home or have fun outdoors with friends and family? Here are some safety tips that will help kids keep healthy and safe at home or in the outdoors during the summer vacation.

Baby Panda’s Kids Safety is an educational game that is specially designed for young kids in this summer vacation. It helps kids to understand safety knowledge in various scenarios: travel safety, home safety, water safety, playground safety, automobile safety and more! These scenarios are close to what happens in kids’ real life. Come with baby panda, and learn safety knowledge to protect yourselves from any unsafe situation and react if such situations happened!

Safety on the Road
Kids can learn about traffic lights, road signs and what each color means.Then apply the knowledge of road safety by helping animals cross the road when the green light is on. 

Safety in the Pool
One of the most popular summertime activities is enjoying a day at the pool with friends or family. Kids are taught in the game that they must not swim in dangerous spots. They are also required to understand some simple principles of first aid. 

Safety in the Vehicles
Kids are required to fasten the seat belt for baby panda and his friends. They can also enjoy the pleasure of traveling somewhere in an automobile. 

Safety in the Playground
There are some risks even with playground equipment such as the swing and the merry-go-round. Kids can only pick up safety knowledge by playing certain games.

Safety at Home
Strangers knocking at the door, socket safety, problems with eating food, tidy bathrooms, broken stairs...All these potential kids safety problems and reaction tips are all in this app! 

- Nearly 20 major scenarios along with fun of baby panda care! 
- Role-playing and safety knowledge make learning easy and happy!
- Voice guidance and easy-to-do controls allow safety learning to be simple and fast!
- Kids’ safety songs and entertaining animations strengthen safety knowledge! 

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