Royal Adventure

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Royal Adventure APK

Form your team to adventure and solve puzzles.It's up to you to save the kingdom

Nov 18, 2022
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Require Android 6.0

Key features

  • Form your team to adventure and solve puzzles.It's up to you to save the kingdom
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Royal Adventure APK

About Royal Adventure
In the middle of the night, the king was suddenly assassinated, and the princess was taken captive and whereabouts unknown.
As an apprentice of the national teacher, you formed an adventure group under the order of the national teacher, and started the important task of finding the princess and rebuilding the kingdom.
Game play introduction:
Royal Adventure is an adventure role-playing game. Players can recruit all kinds of different warriors to form an adventure group, and control the entire adventure group to go to the level to kill monsters, solve puzzles, collect treasures, etc.
During the game you will be able to:
★Become an outstanding leader★
You will recruit your favorite warriors to form a personalized adventure group. Before the battle begins, select the appropriate warriors in the adventure group and enter the level with a strong lineup.
In the battle phase, you will control all the characters of the matched team to fight against a large number of enemies.
★Become a brave explorer★
There are hidden secrets waiting for you to challenge in the game levels, and there are also several treasure points waiting for you to dig.
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