Football Trivia 22

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Football Trivia 22: Play & Win APK

1-on-1 Quiz Battles - Play against other Football Fans for Cash Prizes

Dec 18, 2022
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Require Android 8.1

Key features

  • 1-on-1 Quiz Battles - Play against other Football Fans for Cash Prizes
  • > Biggest and the most updated Football Quiz book
  • > Updated within in minutes after every match
  • > More then 100 leagues and cup competitions covered
  • > Single Player mode for practice quiz games related to your favorite Club/League
  • > Multiplayer Quiz battles to compete for Instant Cash Prizes
  • on 1 QUIZ BATTLES:
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  • A challenge football app that will be great addition to your phone.
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Football Trivia 22 APK

Soccer OR Football? Whatever you call it, it is the most beautiful sports in world.

22 Rounds Football Challenge is the ultimate Football app that test your knowledge about your favorite sports with the aim to win REAL PRIZES.

It is designed by the group of football lovers for the people who are passionate about football. So, if you are a die-hard football fan who still feel anxious on match OR feel sad when your team loses a match then this game is for you?

All you need to do is to select your favorite football club and leave rest to us to bring the most interesting relevant Football Challenges for you.


22 Rounds football Challenge offers 4 different weekly contests

Fan Duel: Take on other fans of your favorite club by playing 22 Rounds of Predictions on upcoming matches and Quizzes on the recent matches and league stats. Winner of the weekly Challenge becomes leader of the fan-zone for a week. If you think you are the biggest fan of your club and have more knowledge about it then prove it by beating the others.

Play with Friends: We all love to test our knowledge on Football and play casual betting with our friends. Buddy Challenge provides you an opportunity to create your own Challenge then invite your friends to your very own mini competition.

Champions Challenge: Champions Challenge is premium competition where only the best players can compete for REAL CASH PRIZE every week. You will play 22-24 rounds of Predictions on various match events of top football matches in Europe. Top player(s) will walk away with REAL CASH PRIZE(S) every week.

Super Quiz Challenge: Super Quiz Challenge is an ultimate test of your knowledge. You will play 35 rounds of quizzes related to the recent matches and top teams and top leagues of Europe. The quizzes are divided into 7 levels and your aim is to achieve minimum points each level to unlock the next level. Top points earner(s) will Win REAL PRIZE(s) every week.


We are covering 50+ leagues and cup competition around the world including Spanish League, English league, German League, Italian League, French league, Champions League and many more. No matter which team do you follow 99% chance is that we have it covered.

Live Match and Stats

There is no better way to follow a live match other then sitting in front of TV and see all the action as it happened but sometimes it is not possible. If you are a passionate football follower, you must have one or two Apps in your phone to follow live matches while away from TV. We invite you to try our LIVE SCORE HUB in the App. It is developed on the most modern technology and intuitive interface where you not only follow multiple live matches, but the key stats are also available without going back and forth on multiple screens.

All the Logos in the App are only for the reference purposes. No Club or League has any association with the App nor any of them is sponsor of Contests included in 22 Rounds.

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