Roundabout 2

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Roundabout 2 APK

Realistic car driving sim. Explore a vast city in a huge selection of cool cars.

Nov 1, 2021
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Require Android 5.0 and up

Key features

  • Realistic car driving sim. Explore a vast city in a huge selection of cool cars.
  • A Real City Driving Parking Sim
  • If you are looking for a solid game rated with 4.20/5 from 58 votes , the Roundabout 2 is just for you.
  • A racing game that will be great addition to your phone.
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  • Roundabout-2 APK can be downloaded free of charge.
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Roundabout 2 APK

Fasten your seatbelt, start your engines and get ready for some real driving! This isn't one of those fantasy scenarios, where cars behave like children's toys and all you have to do is drive as fast as you can. This is a game for true car enthusiasts. Select one of many meticulously rendered vehicles and take it for a spin in a lifelike environment. Cruise in the suburbs, tear through the city streets and show you have what it takes to call yourself a real driver.


We have something for everyone. There's a sports car, a pickup, a caravan, a muscle car, even a police van! Every one of them poses a different challenge. Learn to take advantage of their strengths; work around their weaknesses!


Just added: 3 new, even cooler cars! Two sleek, high-speed crossovers and a stately muscle car, just waiting to show you what it’s capable of. Try them out and see which is the best fit for you!


Drive around tracks designed to look as realistic as possible. The city streets are bustling with traffic, and details give the surroundings a real sense of place.


Staying on course and avoiding the obstacles won't be your only concern. You also have to mind other cars. Watch other drivers as they go about their business and don't let them interfere with yours!


The Main Game Mode is 100% FREE to play, all the way through, no strings attached! Extra Game Modes which alter the rules slightly to make the game easier are available through optional In-App Purchases.


▶ VARIED VEHICLES: Drive & Park 13 Unique and Different Vehicles
▶ PARKING: Over 50 Precision Driving Missions to Pass!
▶ ARENA: Each track is a challenge full of obstacles and opportunities.
▶ 100% Free-2-Play Missions
▶ CONTROLS: Buttons, Wheel or Tilt Controls
▶ CAMERAS: Multiple cameras including First Person view

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