1-6 Player Ballz Fortress APK

Shoot bouncy balls and protect your base with up to 6 players on one device.

Jul 22, 2021
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Require Android 5.1 and up

Key features

  • Shoot bouncy balls and protect your base with up to 6 players on one device.
  • local multiplayer game
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  • A ballz player game that will be great addition to your phone.
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1-6 Player Ballz Fortress APK

Play solo or coop with your friends and family locally on a single device. Place your phone or tablet on a table and up to 6 players can take part in this cooperative arcade game. You are playing alone but want to experience the whole fun? No problem. You can add up to 5 cannon bots in the main menu.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 players spin their cannons and shoot at blocks coming from all sides.
Your ballz bounce around, so find the best angle to hit as many blocks as you can with your bouncy ballz. Coordinate with your friends and shoot at high priority targets.
Shoot at bonus objects to activate powerful special abilities. Upgrade your fortress with blue bonus objects to shoot faster.
Communicate with your friends and coordinate your attacks. Once an enemy reaches a cannon the game is over. How long can you survive?
Compare your score to other players worldwide through leaderboards. Leaderboards are enabled when playing with bots. For example: You are 2 players + 3 bots, then your score will be submitted to the 5 player leaderboard. Share your score through screenshots and selfies with your friends and on social media.
Unlock up to 26 unique balls and cannons.

This is a game for the whole family. Play solo, as 2 players, 3 players, 4 players, 5 players or even as 6 players on a single phone or tablet.

Game difficulty adapts to the number of players. Try playing with your friends and family for the most fun. You may also try to control several cannons alone to challenge your multitasking capabilities.

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1-6 Player Ballz Fortress (Android Package) APK 35M

Made by: Octacube Studios