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Binogi: Study Quizzes & Videos APK

Study for all school subjects and ace exams from our animated videos and quizzes

Jan 26, 2023
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Require Android 5.0

Key features

  • Study for all school subjects and ace exams from our animated videos and quizzes
  • ️⃣ Download the Binogi app,
  • ️⃣ Take a picture of a text about something you want to learn,
  • ️⃣. Get fun lessons and quizzes about it.
  • If you are looking for a solid app rated with 5.00/5 from 1 votes , the Binogi: Study Quizzes & Videos is just for you.
  • A videos quizzes app that will be great addition to your phone.
  • More than 175,079 downloads since the first upload.
  • Binogi-Study-Quizzes--Videos APK can be downloaded free of charge.
  • The APK of Binogi-Study-Quizzes--Videos from is checked for viruses and malware, and safe to download.

Binogi APK

With Binogi, you can learn and test your skills through short educational animated video lessons, quizzes and concept flashcards! 🎥. 🎮 🔖

Cut down on the time you study for school, from hours to minutes, by watching fun animated videos that are optimised for your learning. 🥇

Our learning materials are prepared by education experts in various areas to make sure our students have a great learning experience and understand complex concepts in a good and fun way 👨🏾‍🏫👩🏻‍🏫. . Furthermore, they are available in many languages to help you learn better and excel at school. 🌍

What’s more, we make it very easy for you to find the relevant learning content to what you are studying with our simple scanning feature, where you can take a picture of the text you need to study and based on that we offer you the best matching videos and quizzes from our large library. 📸.➕ 📖. → 🎥. 🎮 🔖

You can just scan a school text, saving you time to read it and pick search terms, and you will get video lessons or quizzes to help you learn the content faster. It is as simple as 1-2-3:

1️⃣ Download the Binogi app,
2️⃣ Take a picture of a text about something you want to learn,
3️⃣. Get fun lessons and quizzes about it.

With Binogi you are assured that our learning materials are:
⭐️ Carefully crafted by a team of education experts, teachers, writers, animators and actors to create an experience you’ll never forget.
⭐️ Cover a wide range of subjects including maths, natural sciences (chemistry, biology and physics), history, geography, religion, technology, social sciences and technology.
⭐️ Available in many languages: English, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Dari, … the list goes on and we are always working on adding more languages. Switching between languages is very easy and aids your learning of the subject content as well as the languages used.

We are always developing our app and adding new fun features to help you study better and learn more! We want you to have fun competing with friends and giving yourself an alternative education that will certainly differentiate you from everyone else.

Change the way you study, impress your parents and teachers, and ace your exams with Binogi!

Binogi: Study Quizzes & Videos (Android Package) APK 62.4mb

Made by: Binogi studios