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Understand and train all your brain capacities and realize your inner power.

Nov 26, 2020
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  • Understand and train all your brain capacities and realize your inner power.
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» Description
Total Brain helps you understand and train all your brain capacities to improve your mental health and wellness.

Founded on the principle that our mental health can be measured, improved and managed like our physical health, Total Brain measures the 12 brain capacities that define your mental health and screens for the risk of common mental conditions. Then, based on that assessment, Total Brain provides you with specific mental fitness programs designed to strengthen your brain capacities and improve your mental health.

Scientific, Simple and Convenient to Use:

Measure Monthly - Take our easy to use, 20 minute, confidential, clinically validated assessment.

Understand Totally - Get results showing 12 brain capacities that identify strengths/weaknesses and potential health risks.

Train Specifically – Start a custom mental fitness program with digital brain exercises, breathing and meditation for just 15 minutes a day, then reassess and track progress.


Self-Awareness – Learn about your strengths, weaknesses and risk of mental conditions

Effectiveness Monitoring – Monitor the impact of mental fitness programs and treatment

Confidentially Screen – Screen for risk of common mental conditions and receive immediate, in-app referrals to third party health services

Improved Performance1 – Measurable improvement across each of the 12 brain capacities, yielding an improvement in overall mental health

[1] Improvements in brain performance correlated with average of three hours of training. 2017 internal book of business data; N = 3,275; Users who assessed + trained at least twice

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