Crazy Taxi Driving Sim APK

Enjoy best taxi games, mega ramp stunts & City Taxi Driving Simulator 2021.

Oct 9, 2021
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Require Android 5.0 and up

Key features

  • Enjoy best taxi games, mega ramp stunts & City Taxi Driving Simulator 2021.
  • Prado Car Wash Taxi Games
  • If you are looking for a solid app rated with 4.50/5 from 64 votes , the Crazy Taxi Driving Sim is just for you.
  • A driving taxi app that will be great addition to your phone.
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Crazy Taxi Driving Sim APK

Enter in the world new City Taxi Driving, Stunts and Prado car wash games, Get behind the wheels to enjoy Cab Games. This voyage brings you where you have to do so many exciting tasks like city drive to pick and drop passenger in taxi driving games. In this taxi drive game you can polish your driving and mega ramp stunts skills. You can also bring out the luxury vehicle to show off and practice your driving via super stunts. Get ready to pick and drop because passengers are waiting around the city road, start your career as a taxi driver, right after getting request of ride. In this City Taxi driving games you need to reach on time while there is city rush, jammed traffic and drive towards pinned location through city road. This modern car taxi driving games rider would have better experience than the other cab games. Complete your ride on given time and try not bump into another car or crashing anything on city roads.

You will have to wipe off the dirt on multiple Prado cars and detailing in Prado Car Wash games. This new car games wash and garage cleaning washboard is perfect mix service of car cleaning and wash salon like Prado car cleaning and get multiple modern car games. Get the experience of modern Prado car games cleaning and luxury taxi driving stunts rather than sitting idle enjoy this modern Prado washing and taxi games simulation. Various vehicle will stop by your modern car wash service auto workshop garage band as you're a modern Prado car washer so you need to wipe off and spray dirt's to clean and pumped the wheel to clean. After cleaning you will get the opportunity to modify and make advance changes your prado wash car taxi driving game as you required. For designing you will have several tools to paint shop to change the color and remove stains, rust and scratches and finish the advance looks. Take the vehicle nearby puncture shop to check your tire and wheels.

Fill up patrol from gasoline station and tap accelerate to run with extreme car need for speed driving. In Crazy Taxi Driving Sim drive on mega ramp stunts to check the sound of engine and you can test your driving skills. Starts your engine for turbo driving racing and taxi stunt driving. This is not just a driving game but also Prado car wash service, City Taxi Driving simulator and super taxi stunts. This new driving games is a great stress killer because this has a lot of levels and mega ramp stunts tracks challenges for you to complete. You need to finish your task as taxi racing stunt driving with all the latest super stunt tracks in car simulator.

Features of Crazy Taxi Driving Stunts: Prado Car Wash game:

📣 Multiple levels of taxi driving, super stunts and Prado car Washboard
📣 Attractive graphics & addictive 3D environment
📣 Various modes available for wash, drive & mega ramp stunts
📣 Flexible and smooth commands & controls
📣 Cool and bracing engine sounds for taxi stunts on mega ramps
📣 Realistic Prado car wash & city taxi driving simulator interface

Actively play this Auto Prado wash, Taxi driving stunts 2021 to give Taxi servicing to city riders which includes washing games, polish job and taxi car simulator super stunts on mega ramps.

Play this modern car washing, Paint Shop and drive taxi games on city roads to obtain level points on finishing your ride and get refill at gasoline station at Prado car games, crazy taxi drive and taxi stunt driving. Don't forget to rate and review us.

Crazy Taxi Driving Sim (Android Package) APK 86M

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