Room Escape: 100 Doors APK

100 doors carefully designed brain-burning puzzle escape game

Oct 27, 2022
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Require Android 4.4

Key features

  • 100 doors carefully designed brain-burning puzzle escape game
  • If you are looking for a solid game rated with 5.00/5 from 20 votes , the Room Escape: 100 Doors is just for you.
  • A puzzle game that will be great addition to your phone.
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Room Escape: 100 Doors APK

Room Escape: 100 Doors is a well-designed brain-burning puzzle game, come play this escape game and play the protagonist of Mia's story! It can train the brain and fully test your puzzle solving skills. In this escape game, players need to find hidden objects and solve puzzles layer by layer to escape the secret room. You will encounter a lot of challenges and excitement. Get ready to use your wits to find hidden objects and try to open doors and locks with keys. Accept all the challenges and you will be amazed in the addictive puzzles of escape room. In this new escape room game, players will join Mia on an adventure through a fantasy world full of magical objects and mysteries.
Room Escape: 100 Doors challenge game has more than 100 levels and we are adding new levels regularly. The pace of the game is intense and exciting, and although it seems simple, each puzzle is difficult to solve. So get your brain running and have fun with escape games! Players have to use their own logical thinking to overcome various challenges, help Mia solve various puzzles and difficulties, and try to escape the magic book.
You will never get bored of this escape game, only players with high IQ can find all the hidden objects in the 100-door challenge game and beat each level smartly. In this escape game, you need to interact with objects, solve puzzles, and escape the school. Want to play a non-boring escape room game? This escape game is guaranteed to give you endless fun. For the ashes who have broken through the secret room, they will definitely be hooked on the experience of cracking layers of puzzles. Players can even challenge other players to become the winner of the fastest escape room.
🔑 Room Escape: 100 Doors gameplay 🔑
Student Mia is locked up in a school, and players must help her escape the back room and return her to her parents' arms. Click on objects, find hidden items, solve puzzles one by one, and finally open all the doors. Players have to find all the hidden objects in this puzzle game, rack their brains and solve every well-designed puzzle to escape the secret room. After solving the 100-door puzzle, you can successfully escape the school. If the player cannot solve the puzzle, they can always use hints to escape.
🔑Room Escape: 100 Doors Game Features 🔑
💡Exciting 100-door challenge, find hidden objects and solve puzzles.
💡 Although the gameplay is simple, it is difficult to crack
💡Exciting puzzle game where players have to find hidden objects and solve puzzles
💡Cool game mechanics: move in time and space, mix items, and escape levels
💡 Rich levels and vivid and interesting animations
💡Secret rooms with different themes - art, chemistry, music, history department, library, fitness room, canteen, etc.
💡 Does not consume phone memory
💡Spin the Lucky Wheel and get free tips
💡 You can use hints when you get stuck
💡Cool game mechanics: move in time and space, combine objects
💡Logical tasks
💡 The painting style is super beautiful and the picture details are rich
💡 It seems simple, but it is difficult to break the level
💡Completely free
Each level in Room Escape: 100 Doors has unique puzzles, and as the level progresses, the harder it is to escape the room. The game has many mysterious levels, and each level is designed with a unique exit plan. You have to find a way to escape from there by finding hidden objects, hints and solving obstacles. Enjoy an hour of mind-melding fun!

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