AFK Girls: Idle Action APK

AFK Girls - Anime manga game!

Dec 11, 2021
role playing, games, girls, idle, action, presented, treasures, paradise, anime, manga
Require Android 4.3 and up

Key features

  • AFK Girls - Anime manga game!
  • If you are looking for a solid game rated with 5.00/5 from 1 votes , the AFK Girls: Idle Action is just for you.
  • A idle girls game that will be great addition to your phone.
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AFK Girls: Idle Action APK

AFK Girls brings you a new style of idle RPG game, containing many Anime Girls with Japanese voices in charge of you. AFK Girls is also a game that combines strategy and entertainment with many attractive features. To be number 1 in the game, you also need to be the best in PVP battles in the game.
~Battle Edition~: An ultra-easy neglected rpg that never occupies too much time is born here! What if I move my fingertips a little? The world can be saved! A great adventure, whether you're commuting or before going to bed! Heroes can fight at any time!
~Beauty Edition~: Over 90 beautiful women are waiting for your salvation! Different races, different skills, different personalities, different voices! The only thing that doesn't change is the longing for a hero (you)! If you get along well ... that kind of thing, this kind of thing ...⁈
~Evolution~: Beautiful people are not just beautiful scenery! If you train it properly, you will be able to make a ridiculous evolutionary transformation! Not only will your beautiful appearance be renewed, but your abilities will also explode! Discover more secrets in the beautiful girls in the game!
~How to do it-Everything stage~: he giant tower of the polar sky, the ancient battlefield covered with yellow dust, the jungle of thorns, the abyss of jet black ... Many stages are waiting for the challenge of the hero (you). With a wide variety of methods, you will never get bored no matter how much you try! Of course, dazzling loot and treasures are sleeping all over the place!
~Presents-Gold and Silver Treasure Paradise~: Free gachas every day, lots of gifts, this is an adventurer's paradise! Complete missions and get rich rewards, full of happiness! You can travel around the world without paying! The rumored treasure and golden equipment will be presented! Fun is the best!

AFK Girls: Idle Action (Android Package) APK 121M

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