aiCafe Allianz

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aiCafe Allianz - Digital Cafeteria App

Mar 17, 2022
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Require Android 4.4 and up

Key features

  • aiCafe Allianz - Digital Cafeteria App
  • Long Cafeteria Wait Time
  • Reduced Employee Productivity
  • Absence of Employee Feedback Mechanism
  • Limited Vendor Options
  • Stagnant Menu
  • Lack of Food Safety Audits
  • Limited data on food content & calories
  • Disengaged & Unhappy Employees
  • Queue-less and Cashless Cafeteria
  • Personalized weekend offers & coupons
  • Cash backs
  • Food Festivals
  • Cyclic Food Menu
  • One click payment
  • Split Bill among friends
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» Description
Our mission is to transform the corporate cafeteria markets through our AI-powered platform while empowering corporate organizations to foster a happier workplace through personalized employee engagement programs.

Typical Issues at Corporate Cafeteria

1. Long Cafeteria Wait Time
2. Reduced Employee Productivity
3. Absence of Employee Feedback Mechanism
4. Limited Vendor Options
5. Stagnant Menu
6. Lack of Food Safety Audits
7. Limited data on food content & calories
8. Disengaged & Unhappy Employees

aiCAFE ASPL Value Propositions

:: Cashless Counters
:: Queue-less Counters
:: AI Kitchen Assistant
:: On-demand Curated Food
:: AI powered dashboard for corporates and vendors
:: Certified Vendor Partners
:: Vendor Rotation
:: Cyclic Food Menu
:: Personalized Weekend Offers
:: Personalized Coupons
:: Cash backs & Food Festivals
:: Regular Food Safety Audits
:: Aggregation of Nutritional Food Value
:: Real-time feedback management

Benefits for Employees

1. Queue-less and Cashless Cafeteria
2. Personalized weekend offers & coupons
3. Cash backs
4. Food Festivals
5. Cyclic Food Menu
6. One click payment
7. Split Bill among friends

Benefits for Companies

1. Digital Cafeteria
2. Increased employee productivity
3. Personalized Employee Engagement programs.
4. Access to Corporate offers
5. Employee recognition options through Wallet
6. Access to Cafeteria Reports, Employee feedback & Reviews

Benefits for Vendors

1. Reduced Manpower
2. AI-assisted Kitchen management
3. Automated Combo suggestions
4. Daily & weekly Sales forecasts
5. Reduced Pilferage
6. Access to Cafeteria Reports.
7. Data Driven Restaurant Management

aiCafe Allianz Android APK 5.7M

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