Air Traffic Control

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Planes, Storms, Go-Arounds, Lead aircrafts to airport while dealing with storms, wind changes and departures

Dec 20, 2020
simulation, games, traffic, control, planes, storms, goarounds, wind, active, changing, aircrafts
Require Android 4.4 and up

Key features

  • Planes, Storms, Go-Arounds, Lead aircrafts to airport while dealing with storms, wind changes and departures
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» Description
Prepare for a real Air Traffic Controller experience! Apart from leading various types of aircrafts, you'll be facing many more challenges in this game each of which have significant effect on how the game progresses.


✔️12 types of aircrafts each with different speeds.
✔️Departure traffics
✔️Changing Winds(both direction and intensity)
✔️Active runway determined depending on wind direction
✔️Go Arounds
✔️Changing traffic intensity
✔️Storms(Different types of storm clouds)
✔️4 maps each with different dynamics
✔️Each map has its own leaderboard!
✔️More maps are on the way!

Lead aircrafts to their relevant runways while avoiding storms. Be careful about active runway as well! Drawing a route to a runway does not guarantee that the aircraft will land! It might make a go around depending on wind intensity.


⭐Wind is not constant!
Active runway may change depending on where the wind is blowing from. So you have to lead the aircraft to its associated active runway. But don't worry active runways has theirs approach lights turned on. So you'll easily recognize them!

⭐Wind strength changes
Strong wind means more go arounds! Additoinally every map have different wind characteristics. Some maps are prone to more strong windy conditions some are not...

⭐Watchout for thunderstorms in this game!
In addition to single storm clouds, there are even waves of storms from which as an ATC you have to keep your aircrafts away. You'll feel like a real Air Traffic Controller under pressure time to time.

⭐Traffic intensity is variable!
Sometimes it's peak time so you have to deal with more traffics, but don't worry you'll have time to warm up before facing those mentioned peak times! Moreover the aiport will let you know about present traffic condition.

⭐You have to deal with departure traffics too
As an ATC you'll give permission for takeoff when you see appropriate! But be cautious! Because all airports have a specific capacity for keeping aircrafts waiting on ground. So you shouldn't keep them waiting for long and form a long queue. Contrary to arrival traffics, you have to lead departure traffics to edge of the screen indicated by arrows.

I tried to make an air traffic control game with many realistic features each of which are adding more challenges to the game. I did my best to place ads such that they won't be annoying and hinder game play. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further suggestions about the game or if you found some annoying bugs. I tried to catch all the bugs and fix them but just in case I missed some, please let me know so I can fix them as well 😉

So, have fun! Wishing you safe flight operations 🛫🛬

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Made by: Taskin Baltaci