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Adult sex game with diversity and creativity in mind

Sep 22, 2022
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Require Android 6.0 and up

Key features

  • Adult sex game with diversity and creativity in mind
  • Play Time for adults
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» Description
An erotic game designed for people who want to build their intimacy levels by exploring compelling, new sexual experiences through a thrilling game. Learn about romance and explore your fantasies in this sex-positive game.

The game was designed with diversity in mind. No matter what your preference, there are exciting, sensual activities for you to experience.

A feature-packed game with stimulating sexual instructions for discussions and sexual experiences. Go around the octagon acting out various boxes from, “Kiss” to “Massage” to “Dance” and many more. Collect “Ultimate” desire/fantasy cards while racing to win the game. The first person to complete all the trips around the board and collect four “Ultimate” cards wins the game.

This is a game changing circle. When you are lucky enough to get to spin the “Love Arrow”, you will and land on further game changing instructions. You can suddenly change your position from losing to winning! Maybe you could make a rule, play “Truth or Dare” or further indulge in sexual pleasure.

There are over 500 “Plaro” playing cards ranging from intimate discussions to sexual experiences, including entry level foreplay, more intimate sexual acts, role play, sexual fantasies and much more.

There is a level to suit every player’s comfort zone. Starting at level 1 could involve a simple peck on the lips, level 2 a smooch/French kiss and level 3 and 4 hotter again. The game heats up and tasks get a lot more arousing. Are you daring enough for level 4? See for yourself!

The game is fully customizable to allow you play exactly how you want. Are you up for just a chat, maybe to learn about your new partner? Then select level 1 only game and don’t move onto the other levels until you are ready. Or are you ready now? Choose level 4 only game, and don’t hold back! Level 4 will really spice things up.

Have your own ideas? Add your own cards to the game. Find new “Plaro” expansion packs and add them to the game.

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Made by: Kroom