Adventure Frankenstein APK

Plunder Graves, Collect Body Parts, Build A Monster!

Dec 20, 2021
arcade, games, adventure, frankenstein, plunder, spiraling, avoiding, passages, puppy, graves, parts, monster
Require Android 4.1 and up

Key features

  • Plunder Graves, Collect Body Parts, Build A Monster!
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  • A frankenstein adventure game that will be great addition to your phone.
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Adventure Frankenstein APK

Help Igor plunder graves and gather enough body parts for Doctor Frankenstein to build a Monster. Then play as the Monster gathering more body parts to build a Bride. The madness doesn't end there. She collects even more parts to build herself a pet dog.

Be careful of the hallowed ground at grave sites. If you step on it, you might die. Be sure to dig at the X until each grave is plundered. Use your shovel to shoo the murder of crows away. Don't try to push past them. Crows are fierce. Move on from platform to platform avoiding obstacles and do your best to plunder 10 graves before you return to the lab. For every 10 graves you plunder, you get a new body part. Build and then play as Frank, the Bride, and even a cute puppy named Spot. By the end you have one big creepy family.

Controls are swipe left or right, dig, and jump. Use your dig button as a weapon to shoo the crows out of your way, fight the angry mob of villagers, and battle other strange beasts that go bump in the night. Click the white arrow in the top right corner if you fall spiraling endlessly into the abyss. It can happen.

Each time you plunder 10 graves, you must then find secret passages, lifts, and tunnels that take you back to the lab so you can build your monster. Plunder 200 graves and you complete the Adventure Frankenstein challenge.

Adventure Frankenstein (Android Package) APK 18M

Made by: J.E.Moores