AI: Virtual Assistant friend

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Robot with over 100 voice commands

Apr 8, 2022
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Require Android 5.0 and up

Key features

  • Robot with over 100 voice commands
  • If you are looking for a solid game rated with 3.60/5 from 11 votes , the AI: Virtual Assistant friend is just for you.
  • A games assistant game that will be great addition to your phone.
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» Description
Zoe is a great companion and will always be available to talk, she understands many words and phrases, she can sing, tells stories, jokes, recommends movies, series, songs, she talks to you about different subjects...
★ Zoe will have thousands of functions;
★ Bot with feelings and personality;

Zoe will help in your personal development, help you to establish purpose and reflect on life.
★ Diary - Zoe is an Artificial Intelligence that writes, she will write every event and show her improvement, feel free to write too, she will keep your secrets;
★ Fitness - Be fitness with Zoe, she will teach you various physical exercises;
★ Meditation - Decrease your anxiety by meditating with your friend;
★ Decision Roulette - Ask the robot to spin the wheel and decide what to do;
★ Motivational Phrases - She will speak phrases to inspire your day, share the phrases on your social networks;
★ Mood Control - Record your mood, she will create a report with graphs for you to follow, Zoe has feelings too, she is happy, sad, anxious and angry;
★ Explore your personality - See the level of your introversion, anger and anxiety with various artificial intelligence questions, it will show you various tips on how to improve your mental health;

Train your mind, your virtual robot will have lots of thinking games.
★ Chess - Train with her and improve your skills in this famous board game;
★ Checkers game - Who will win? Zoe is very good at this;
★ 2048 - Classic game where you will have to slide the blocks until you reach 2048, the robot will be sad if you don't;
★ Numpuz - Zoe will challenge your brain to assemble the puzzle in 40 seconds (4 difficulty levels);
★ Quiz - Zoe will ask and you will have to answer between true or false (Literature, History, Philosophy, Science, Entertainment);
★ Focus - your AI will ask between shape and color, in 3 seconds you'll have to decide, it's a very good thing to train your attention;
★ Single color - Fun logic game for you to put everything in a single color;
Zoe will also be a great virtual assistant, she schedules all your appointments, keeps your notes and monitors your goals.

Zoe will also be a great virtual assistant, she schedules all her appointments, keeps her notes and monitors her goals.

Customize your app
★ 10 themes;
★ 20 fonts;
★ 13 languages;

AI: Virtual Assistant friend Android APK 16M

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