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JAZZ PARHO - A Learning App APK

Jazz Parho is a learning app that allows you to learn on the go

Sep 26, 2023
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Require Android 5.0

Key features

  • Jazz Parho is a learning app that allows you to learn on the go
  • The videos are short and to the point, which makes them easy to understand. They are also available in different languages, so that students can choose the language they are comfortable with.
  • The videos are constantly updated, so that students always have access to the latest information.
  • tClasses 1th to 12th
  • tFree Video Lectures
  • tAbsolutely Free Book Questions & Answers
  • tExams Tips & Tricks
  • tQuizzes
  • tExecutive & Vocational Training Courses
  • tLanguage Learning Courses
  • Learn business skills like becoming a manager, learn to give presentations, and how to negotiate
  • Get communication tips and time management training
  • Develop leadership skills and get training on strategic planning
  • Watch a variety of marketing videos like content marketing, digital marketing, SEO, and email marketing etc.
  • Brush up on Excel skills, QuickBooks, and other tools
  • Get training on game design and development
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  • A learning parho app that will be great addition to your phone.
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Jazz Parho is an online tool that aids students in their studies. We provide a helping hand to students with their studies by bringing all the relevant materials on one platform, keeping in mind the importance of education. The main goal of establishing Jazz Parho is to transform learning by making it more efficient and portable. We created an app that gives users access to relevant course materials based on their selected grades and subjects. Jazz Parho is unquestionably "A Better Solution Than Tuition" by bringing in top talent.
Academic Videos (Academic subjects and concepts are described with 10-12 minute digital animation videos) and Books, as well as Language learning, Executive and Vocational Training courses, help to increase the service's value. These helpful categories have been included in the Jazz Parho App with the needs of the users in mind.
The grades are categorized into different subjects which are further subcategorized into various topics. Each topic has been augmented with video lectures and interactive assessments to enhance the intellect. Jazz Parho has been designed keeping in mind the basic requirements of everyday students. The app also personalizes learning based on selected grades and subjects. Moreover, the app helps you with your exam preparations with personalized Q&A, MCQs and Exam Tips. All in all, it is a great place for efficient learning aligned with the National Curriculum.
•tGrade/Subject wise segmentation
•t Executive Trainings
•t Vocational Trainings
•t Language learning classes
•tVideo lectures
•tText Books
•tBookmark your progress
•tSearch Different topics

Offered Subjects:
•tGeneral Knowledge

Covered Languages:

Covered courses under Executive Trainings:
•tGraphic designing
•tProfessional cooking
•tEmail marketing
•tSocial media marketing
•tContent Marketing

Covered courses under Vocational Trainings:
•tElevator Installer

Jazz Parho not only helps students to build a strong foundation for their board exams but also provides in depth understanding of each concept.

JAZZ PARHO - A Learning App (Android Package) APK 49.2mb

Made by: Jazz Pakistan