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Jazz Islam World APK

An Islamic App for Quran, Video Lectures, Qibla, Azan Time & Duas & much more

May 2, 2023
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Require Android 5.0

Key features

  • An Islamic App for Quran, Video Lectures, Qibla, Azan Time & Duas & much more
  • tUlema Bayanat
  • tSeerat-e-Nabi
  • tTib-e-Nabwi
  • tQasas-ul-Anbiya
  • tIslamic History
  • tBachon ka Islam
  • tRamadan Content
  • tSix Kalmas
  • t99 Names of Allah
  • t99 Names of Prophet (SAW)
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  • A prayer world app that will be great addition to your phone.
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  • Jazz-Islam-World APK can be downloaded free of charge.
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Jazz Islam World APK

Islam World is the best Islamic app that provides you high quality Islamic content totally free. It includes a detailed recitation of the Quran through which the user can listen/read/learn either para by para or surah by surah and while doing so keep track of the progress with the help of the integrated bookmark feature for Holy Quran. Moreover, during recitation, the Quranic verse being recited is also highlighted visually and supported by both Urdu and English translations for the ease of the users.

Islam World app brings a detailed and comprehensive video section for its users. The app aggregates the Islamic videos of various categories in a structured manner, making it a go-to App for anyone looking for Islamic video content. The app boasts a comprehensive repository of videos split up into various categories that cater to a vast variety of Islamic content requirements of the users. Imparting Islamic knowledge to our kids is a prime concern for a lot of new parents. “Islamic Learning for Kids” section is a useful category in this regard, this coupled with many other useful categories provides for a structured foray into the Islamic videos knowledge base.

With Islam World, you can get timely prayer alerts, accurate Qibla finder and through our Islamic Names feature, you can select a Muslim name from a wide range of great choices with details about their meanings and origin. Masnoon Duaein, Ahadees and Tasbeeh counter are other useful features that have been incorporated in the Islam World App while keeping in mind the users’ requirements.

Features of Islam World are as follows:

1.tVideo Quran
3.tFamous Ulema Bayaans
5.tIslamic History
6.tMasnoon Duain
7.tProphets’ Stories
9.tQibla Finder
10.tRamadan Content
13.tTasbeeh Counter
15.tSix Kalmas
16.t99 Names of Allah
17.t99 Names of Prophet (SAW

Islam World is a must-have app for every mobile phone. The crisp interface and the provision of high-quality Islamic video content ensures that the service can help bring a light to the heart of every Muslim through enhancing their knowledge about Islam.

Jazz Islam World (Android Package) APK 58.4mb

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