Age of Procreation DX

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Upbringing Simulation

Sep 11, 2021
simulation, games, procreation, upbringing
Require Android 4.1 and up

Key features

  • Upbringing Simulation
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» Description
Age of Procreation Luxury Version!

Build a dictatorship by having your family members vote for you!
Survive until the age of 60 amidst violent wives!
Marry and breed with aliens in a distant planet to return to Earth!
Raise your child to become a superstar!
Raise your children as star athletes to win over the world!

Various scenarios are ready for you to play
where you can do different things with your children.

Age of Procreation DX - Upbringing Simulation. Paid Apk.

Age of Procreation DX Android APK 44M

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