Adventure of the bald guy APK

Adventure for hair growth!

Oct 23, 2021
simulation, games, adventure, bald, growing, event, ending, growth
Require Android 4.4W and up

Key features

  • Adventure for hair growth!
  • create story
  • head to 'The castle of hair'
  • collect event/ending cards
  • If you are looking for a solid game rated with 4.20/5 from 22 votes , the Adventure of the bald guy is just for you.
  • A bald adventure game that will be great addition to your phone.
  • More than 25,378 downloads since the first upload.
  • Adventure-of-the-bald-guy APK can be downloaded free of charge.
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Adventure of the bald guy APK

Adventure for hair growth!

Bald guy was natural born baldy and he’s dream is getting hair
One day Bald guy head to ‘The castle of hair’ in ‘The growing island’ where hair grows.
This cute bald guy needs your help!

Move the manual left and right to drag bald guy. See what kind of hair bald guy gets? black? blonde? brown? Maybe there could be hair we’ve never seen, You can create your own story.

Cactus, lighter, toolbox, sugar, tuna can, umbrella. But you can choose 3 items, story will be change depends on item.

2. create story
Adventure of the bald guy has 5 main event and 15 sub event. there will be different motion depends on different item. You will be encounter with many animals and plants on the island and you have to figure the way to 'The castle of hair' . You may keep up the adventure or give it up. Wonder what kind of hair he would get?

3. head to 'The castle of hair'
Climb up the hill, cross the river, and reach for “The castle of hair” with animated sequence and and story will bring you small fairy tale.

4. collect event/ending cards
There are illustrated cards with 5 main event, 13 bad ending and 6 happy ending you can collect.

Adventure of the bald guy is a adventure mobile game growing bald guy. Like growing his hair, hope your dreams grow as well.


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Made by: Hiiix