1943 Deadly Desert

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1943 Deadly Desert APK

North Africa 1943. Lead your forces to victory in the most intense WW2 battle!

Sep 2, 2023
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Require Android 4.1

Key features

  • North Africa 1943. Lead your forces to victory in the most intense WW2 battle!
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  • A strategy game that will be great addition to your phone.
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1943 Deadly Desert APK

Action-packed World War 2 battles for the desert territories await you. Your ingenuity and leadership skills as general will determine victory or defeat. Will you survive the toughest fight in history?
“1943 – A hot, dusty wind sweeps through the camp. Scouts report of heavy Wehrmacht forces. The Desert Fox is rapidly pushing towards the western oasis. All combat-ready British troops are on high alert to fend off the invasion. At the same time, the Axis powers are preparing the assault on a vital resupply center. En route to their next battle, with heavy tanks, artillery and supply vehicles. Which side will you choose?”
This is the decisive World War II battle between the Allied forces and the Axis powers! Choose your path and lead your army to victory!
The right war strategy is the key to the ultimate victory! Issue orders to your officers on the battlefield. They’ll motivate, inspire and strengthen the troops assigned to their command!
Become the greatest general of all time and prove your tactical skills in plenty of different war campaigns! Unlock new missions, maps and scenarios!
Your tactical possibilities are nearly limitless. Fight with tanks, warplanes, infantry, paratroopers, artillery and many other powerful special forces and weaponry!
Break through the enemy lines by land and air! Lead your soldiers into battle and crush your enemies on the historical battlefields of Africa!
Even more new units for your tactical genius! Order devastating air strikes or command a forced march. The stakes are high, but the prize of a glorious victory awaits!

✔ Turn-based strategy action in WW2
✔ Thrilling campaigns and challenging missions
✔ Continuously updated Quests with fantastic rewards
✔ A must have for every strategy game fan
✔ Many different military units
✔ PVP online multiplayer battles
✔ Pass-and-Play multiplayer battles
✔ Detailed graphics and epic sounds
✔ Full tablet support
✔ Supports Google Play game services

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