Town Amusement Park Life: Fun Pretend Games

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Explore & discover rides, food & mini games in town amusement park life

Dec 10, 2020
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Require Android 4.1 and up

Key features

  • Explore & discover rides, food & mini games in town amusement park life
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» Description
Explore & Discover Amusement Park World for Free Surprises

Little boys and girls get ready to play in your amusement park for magical surprises. Explore the park for multiple fun rides, swings, carnival food stand and gaming activities. Pretend play in the playground as manager, customers or as curious explorer. Take amazing and adventure rides on big roller coasters to see wonderful world views. Unleash your fun loving character and explore all adventures in pretend games.

Instead of wasting time in home or playing with doll house! Play this game to experience the virtual visit to theme park for life time entertainment. Enjoy rides like roller coaster, Ferris wheel, drop tower and pendulum ride. Eat carnival food from ice cream shop, popcorn and fast food stand. Enjoy with a big family of characters. Place them in different fun playing activities and watch them enjoy it.

In town amusement park life you can dress up characters with a lot dress options in the store. Pretend play in gaming area to play arcade games. Play amazing games like solve jigsaw puzzle, find the way out, shapes matching and claw machine challenge. Learn to use vending machines for getting drinks and snacks. If you are at home or hotel room and getting bore, no problem let’s join the pretend my park family and have entertaining time pass. Instead of sitting idle while in office, airport or bank you can play in this fun world.

Town Amusement Park Life Game Play

A lot of exciting rides like roller coaster, drop tower, Ferris wheel and pendulum ride.

Big family of characters to play with in the city.

Stores for shopping dresses, food and drinks.

Gaming area have mini games like jigsaw, claw machine, shapes matching and many more.

Food stands for burger, fries, popcorn and ice cream

Town Amusement Park Life: Fun Pretend Games Android APK 40M

Made by: Hazel Fun Studio