Jaiguru Jyothitam

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Jaiguru Jyothitam APK

Jaiguru Jyothitam -Horoscope App For Astrologers

Jan 7, 2021
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Require Android 5.0 and up

Key features

  • Jaiguru Jyothitam -Horoscope App For Astrologers
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  • A details jyothitam app that will be great addition to your phone.
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Jaiguru Jyothitam APK

Jaiguru Jyothitam we can see Prashna details, Jathaga details, Nakshatra Details.

Jaiguru Jyothidam is designed for today's era which will be useful for astrologers for their accurate predictions

Daily Panchanga, Hora details, Pancha tatva details, characteristic's. Can been seen in this Jaiguru Jyothitam

A person's Lucky Ganesha to whom he or she should be praying can be identified in this jai guru jothidam

Based on their birth charts we can identify their favorable stars and days.
Jaiguru jyothitam app gives you Yogi, avayogi, sagayogi details and during the yoga period, transit planets will give good results and during avayogi period transit will give bad results, by predicting this we can advise our clients.

Jai guru jyothitam app can identify Lathai dhosam, vainasikam, thrisuniathipathi, Bhava details, Natal vs Transit planets and their degree's.

Jaiguru Jothidam app will be an advantage to our astrologers for predictions.

Planet strengths, Bhava strengths, Ashtakavarga are also included in this Jaiguru Jyothitam

Jaiguru Jyothitam (Android Package) APK 17M