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Enjoy a relaxed and carefree life on a deserted island!

Oct 8, 2022
simulation, games, plants, island, resources, animals, dangerous, relaxed, carefree, deserted
Require Android 6.0

Key features

  • Enjoy a relaxed and carefree life on a deserted island!
  • Let's plant!
  • Let’s raise animals!
  • Let's clean the island!
  • Let's expand the island!
  • Let's sail!
  • Let's collect decorations!
  • Let's solve the mystery of the island!
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  • A island plants game that will be great addition to your phone.
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Would you like to live a relaxed and carefree life on a deserted island? You can grow plants, raise animals, and expand the island …… and putting some decorations may be nice!
★☆★☆Game Description★☆★☆
A deserted island in the open sea.
While there is only Yeti, a robot, and a mysterious laboratory,
Let's turn this into your island with full of plants and animals!
■Let's plant!
First, let's grow plants. Plants produce seeds over time,
So grow new plants and raise these plants (level up),
And let's try to get more seeds as much as possible!
■Let’s raise animals!
Raise animals in a mysterious laboratory.
How will the animals grow? It will depend on your luck and amount of experience.
Release the newly born animals and live with them on the island!
■Let's clean the island!
Trash ruins the scenery of the island.
Let's tidy up and make this a clean island!
There could be valuable resources mixed in the trash!
■Let's expand the island!
Once you’ve gotten the resources you need, expand the island!
You may even get to grow some new plants and animals!
■Let's sail!
Once you have adapted to the new lifestyle, let's ride on a hot air balloon in search for resources!
Resources are mixed in the trash.
Be careful! Dangerous bombs are also mixed together.
Let's make use of the numbers to find a safe place!
■Let's collect decorations!
If you open the Decoration box, you can get decorations for the island!
Feel free to decorate the island and make it more beautiful!
■Let's solve the mystery of the island!
After advancing through the main quest, you will find the records left in the laboratory.
The secrets of why Yeti is here on the island and what the laboratory was researching on … the secrets of the island may be revealed little by little.

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