Crazy Kids - Scribblers APK

Don't think of it as an Easy Game, It's Hardest Hyper-Casual Game!

Feb 16, 2021
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Require Android

Key features

  • Don't think of it as an Easy Game, It's Hardest Hyper-Casual Game!
  • If you are looking for a solid game rated with 5.00/5 from 1 votes , the Crazy Kids - Scribblers is just for you.
  • A kids crazy game that will be great addition to your phone.
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  • Crazy-Kids--Scribblers APK can be downloaded free of charge.
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Crazy Kids - Scribblers APK

How good are you at designing a plan of challenges for your opponent? Anyway, at least you can scribble some map with items we gave you. But, Can you find the shortest route to collect diamonds from the plan scribbled by your competitor?

The game idea is simple and consists of 2 stages:
Stage 1 - Scribble the plan for your opponent with some special Items.
Stage 2 - You should meet your characters and diamonds in 3D at this stage, where you have to collect all the diamonds placed by your opponent.

Whoever collects all the diamonds first or who has more diamonds collected after time expired Wins! It's all!

Crazy Kids is considered the hardest puzzle to solve or the hardest casual game to compete with others online.

Design the Tricky Plan For Your Opponent:
Apply your strategic planning and decision making skills to devise the perfect “Tricky plan” for your opponent and get CRAAAAZY in the pursuit of collecting diamonds. Once you and your opponents are done designing the game-plans for each other, the next step is to enter the diamond hunting stage.

Jump To Collect Diamonds in 3D :
The next stage is to enter the Diamond hunting mode and jump from one platform to the next one to collect the diamonds according to your opponent's plan. Here, the only thing that will help you win quickly is your ability to make hard decisions and find the shortest route that has the most diamonds to secure your victory!

Whoever has the most diamonds, WINS!

The diamond hunting stage is timed and both players get the same duration of time to collect the diamonds from the strategic plan. The person with the most number of diamonds collected at the end of the Diamond hunting stage gets to be the winner!

Enter Online Multiplayer Or Solo Vs AI Mode!
You can play online with others all around the world, or you could invite your friend to play with you. Anyway, if none of the works for you, our AI from easy level to unbeatable level always waiting’s you to develop and practice with you.

Test your skills in the practice mode and challenge anyone from across the world to come face to face with you in the plan designing and diamond hunting arena! On top of that, you can always view the global leaderboards and rank up your position by winning as many games as possible! The AI practice modes range from easy, medium, and hard.

Put Practical Skills To Best Use:
Like the famous NP-hard problem - "The traveling salesman problem", this Crazy Jumpers requires to make hard choices about where to jump first... Some find it easy to find the shortest route, but some find it very hard. But who knows? Maybe your opponent put some traps on the route, you think is the shortest...

Customize Your Character:
Once you have signed up as a player, you can customize your name as well as pick a unique player character to help you stay on track in the game.

Let’s find out the rest in the game ...

Download and play Crazy Kids today!

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Made by: Goldmoonde Studio