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Foodwize APK

Foodwize the zero-waste connected canteen!

Mar 11, 2022
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Require Android 5.0 and up

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  • Foodwize the zero-waste connected canteen!
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Foodwize APK

Foodwize imagined a connected canteen offering fresh, organic food made by local restaurateurs and available 24 hours a day. Our ambition is clear: to bring healthy and sustainable food to offices around the world.
To achieve this, we have developed a connected canteen filled with fresh food cooked daily by carefully selected restaurateurs. Foodwize wants to promote short circuits and offer organic and seasonal cuisine.
The dishes are packaged in recyclable glass containers and once the meal is consumed, the jar is simply returned to the dedicated fridge compartment for a second life, following the deposit principle.

In parallel, Foodwize has developed a platform and an application to offer the most fluid experience possible to users, allowing them to browse the menu of the day, discover the chefs and the dishes, and bill automatically and autonomously. In order to access the dishes, users simply scan a QR Code that opens the fridge and allows them to choose the desired dishes. When the door closes, the employee is automatically debited with the exact amount.
Thanks to the data collected on the consumption habits of employees, Foodwize analyzes the most popular dishes and improves stock management. This contributes even more to the reduction of food waste.

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