Baby Panda Prank Video Call APK

Baby Panda Prank Video Call make fun with your family specially with friends

Sep 19, 2022
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Require Android 5.0

Key features

  • Baby Panda Prank Video Call make fun with your family specially with friends
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  • A calls prank app that will be great addition to your phone.
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Baby Panda Prank Video Call APK

Baby Panda Prank Video Call is an entertaining app for fun and spending leisure hours with your family.
If you want to prank your friends with a fake video call app, if you're going to give your friends an entertaining app that your friends can play with, or if you are looking for a prank master video calling app like fake video call Whatsapp, then this Baby Panda Prank Video Call is one of the best apps you could have in your device.
If you plan to give your family a safe app to play with and tell them about some giant panda animal, then this prank-calling app is just the right application you can give to your family.
That's why we bring this fake call app to you. So that you can play with our friends, make prank video calls with your friends, and become a prank master.
Make a video call with this fake video call for hangout and show your friends that you can talk with cute little Panda and have fun with them. The fake calling application is an exciting thing. Those who want to impress others with some dino prank call app can use this little panda video call app at a party to show your friends that you have a connection with a giant panda and become a prank master using this fake video call software.
How this prank calling app works
The User interface of this live prank video call app is so friendly and easy to use that anyone can operate this scary prank call app. no registration and logging is required to use this fake video app. First, when you open the app you will find two options for calling one is for video call, and the other is for a voice call. You have to select one option to use this prank calling app. If you choose the video call app, you will find six types of panda to choose from. After choosing a panda, you will get a video call from the panda. After receiving the call, your phone's front camera will automatically open, and you will see the cuteness of a baby panda and giant panda. The video quality is so high that, for a moment, you will feel that the panda you are looking at is real. You can do the same for voice calls. You can use this prank caller app for everyone
Prank call or fake call or Panda Fake Call - Panda World Prank Dial is an app for Panda Garden and Panda House games video or messages and texts - prank dial or fake call on the phone.
Do you want a Prank Videos Panda call app that looks authentic?
Would you like to talk to them on the phone and have fun with them as if you are getting a phone call from Panda World?
You can make a fake call to a giant panda , a little panda , or a cute panda prank called juegos de panda.
With Panda Calling Pranks, you can play fake video calling games with your friends and family who still believe you can speak with Panda Games.
The Fake Panda Video App lets you talk to Panda World. Talking to a good panda over games or apps is as easy as texting or calling.
You can have fun with your loved ones on your special day by using a fake giant panda phone call application. If you want to have a special day in your everyday life, you will enjoy panda’s videos with your family.
So download this Baby Panda Prank Video Call, make prank calls, show them some tricks and have fun with your friends and family. Give everyone something safe to play with.

Baby Panda Prank Video Call (Android Package) APK 1.4 Mb

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