Shay Unleashed

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Shay Unleashed APK

HARDCORE Shoot'em up RPG with 80s Sci-Fi Horror theme and original music.

Mar 3, 2022
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Require Android 7.1 and up

Key features

  • HARDCORE Shoot'em up RPG with 80s Sci-Fi Horror theme and original music.
  • Alien Assassin
  • If you are looking for a solid game rated with 4.80/5 from 47 votes , the Shay Unleashed is just for you.
  • A action game that will be great addition to your phone.
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Shay Unleashed APK

A group of researchers have gone on an expedition to gather information about mysterious creatures that seem dead at first, but exhibit weird behaviors as the experiments carry on. Agent Shay is one of these researchers. She soon finds out that the mysterious dreams and sounds are not just in her head. The sounds and dreams soon become more vivid, until …

Hint: Story fragments come in a puzzle form before every session.


Inspired by 80s Sci-Fi Horror movies like Alien and The Thing. As a personal interest in this genre, this game comes with a Vintage/Retro art style.

Original Music:
The game includes a Full Album of Dark Synthwave and Electronic retro music that boost your experience through the massacre!
All music in the game is composed by the creator: Ali Jahangirnezhad.

Leader Board:
Compete with everyone around the world by killing the most monsters and surviving the longest! Higher levels give you higher ranking scores. Check your world standing, and show off your abilities!

Progress towards and unlock the many achievements that show your capabilities as an Alien Assassin.

Prepare for battle against unique monsters with their unique behaviors. Prepare and strategize for increasing levels of difficulty.
Beware of the boss-like ones!

Unique Mechanics:
You can become The Monster through absorbing soul orbs from the monsters you kill. You can also extend this effect by consuming soul orbs.
Shay the Monster has her own style of killing and abilities.
You can also use a shield that absorbs enemy damage, and bombs that explode for huge amounts of damage.

Various Guns:
Choose between powerful guns with their own unique playstyle and advantages, including Chainsaw, Shockwave Laser, Machinegun, Shotgun, Flamethrower, and Grenade Launcher.

Legendaries and Upgrades:
Upgrade your favorite gun’s attributes to an absolute legendary killing machine. Each gun comes with a legendary version that is unlocked after getting all the available upgrades for that gun.

Enhance your playstyle by choosing from Endurance and Utility talent trees. Keep growing and challenging yourself in a rogue-like gameplay.

Legendary Talents:
Each talent tree includes a final legendary upgrade that extremely boosts your power.

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Made by: Eating Glass Games