1185 A.D. turn-based strategy APK

Empire building in turn-based strategy. With real-time tactical combat.

Mar 4, 2022
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Require Android 7.0 and up

Key features

  • Empire building in turn-based strategy. With real-time tactical combat.
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1185 A.D. turn-based strategy APK

Winning strategy in tactical battles. There will be the right choice of the type of soldiers sent to attack, the width of the front of attack and the ability to monitor the situation on the battlefield in order to repel the onslaught of the enemy in a timely manner.

The global part includes the creation of armies, the recruitment of troops, the exploration and capture of territories on the world map in turn-based mode.

    Some Features 

Armies with a lord get a combat power boost. The presence of a lord on the battlefield inspires soldiers to fight with extra strength and "morale" gets restored faster.

The influence of the lord on certain characteristics of the soldiers, or the lord himself. Depends on the selected perks as a result of gaining experience.

Using a maneuver or concentrating your forces on one of the sections of the field will allow you to win the battle even against a superior enemy.

The right type of troops in the right place, provides victory.
Using the "Formation" mechanic makes the task easier.
' + `Don't neglect research. Soldiers armed with better weapons, wearing better armor, and using advanced "Formation" types will always win.
` + '
Pay attention to the appearance of warriors and their weapons. Each investigated component is reflected in their appearance or behavior. By appearance, it is easy to determine the level of development of the enemy.

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