Toy Party

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Join Joyce and her toy friends on the cutest hexa puzzle adventure!

Apr 29, 2022
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Require Android 5.0 and up

Key features

  • Join Joyce and her toy friends on the cutest hexa puzzle adventure!
  • Pop & Blast Blocks
  • If you are looking for a solid game rated with 4.60/5 from 27 votes , the Toy Party is just for you.
  • A blocks blast game that will be great addition to your phone.
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  • Toy-Party APK can be downloaded free of charge.
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» Description
Welcome to Toy Party 🎈🎉 🎊 - the most adorable match 3 puzzle adventure! Come along with Joyce and her friends on this toy story through dozens of present filled worlds 🎁🌎! Pop, match, and jam blocks in 6 directions on the hexa puzzle board - all while playing with the cutest toy friends! What are you waiting for? Join the party!

Immerse yourself in the match 3 story!
Joyce is a cheerful but stubborn toddler on an adventure through toy filled worlds. She loves to play match 3 games and blast blocks along the way! It’s your job to keep her happy, but be careful when she’s cranky! She needs you to give her toy presents and candy in order to journey on to the next world! Don’t let her get grumpy!

She always travels with her trusted sidekicks, Bunny 🐰 and Teddy 🐻, who will help guide you along through magical worlds. Bunny is a merry rabbit who leads you the way. He’s always eager to give you new quests and rewards! Teddy is the sweet bear who challenges you to weekly contests against people from around the globe. He will open the toy box for you to take your sweet reward! Together they are excited to show you the wonderful world of toys! Are you ready to join the party?

🎊 10 Reasons to Play!
⭐ Thousands of hours of non-stop block blasting action! Fun!
⭐ Immerse yourself in a toy story with dozens of colorful worlds and delightful 3D graphics!
⭐ Relaxing gameplay for all ages! Adults and kids both love Toy Party!
⭐ Open the toy box! Don’t miss out on new rewards and prizes every day!
⭐ Match 3 Quests and challenges every day! Complete three in a row to open up the toy box and collect new prizes!
⭐ Get ranked! Compete in leagues to rank up from beginner through sapphire tiers. More points means more rewards!
⭐ Fantastic toy powerups and boosters! Use up to three for powerful combos to blast and jam blocks!
⭐ Starts easy but gets difficult! Watch out for the tricky alien levels!
⭐ Don’t worry if you get stuck, Joyce can help you through even the toughest puzzle games!
⭐ No WiFi needed to play! Enjoy match 3 puzzle action on the bus, plane, or wherever you may be!

🎮 Gameplay
⭐ Single Level: Challenge yourself in individual match 3 gameplay
⭐ Teddy’s Contests: Compete in leagues to collect medals and win rewards!
⭐ Bunny’s Quests: Daily and weekly contests to test your skills and unlock new items!
⭐ Challenge mode!: Redo levels for trophies and extra medals!

🕹️ How to play
⭐ Match 3 or more blocks in a row in order to clear obstacles
⭐ Blast, jam, and pop blocks!
⭐ Pop all the necessary obstacles to complete a level
⭐ Use boosters and powerups for combos!
⭐ Watch out! You have a limited number of moves!
⭐ Try and get golden trophies on every level!
⭐ Available to play in English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Russian and Mandarin

🚀 Use Powerups and Boosters!
⭐ Punch gun - Blast away pesky obstacles from the map
⭐ Extra lives - Start over levels if you get stuck
⭐ Extra moves - Don’t worry if you’re close to failing
⭐ UFO’s - Whirling high powered lasers to blast blocks
⭐ Sand Shovel - Scoop away blocks in your way
⭐ Outfits - Equip Joyce with cute and crazy outfits for special abilities!

💎 What makes Toy Party Unique?
⭐ Toy Party is a free to play match 3 puzzle game with a toy story and in-app purchases available
⭐ A new style matching puzzle game where you blast blocks in six directions instead of four
⭐ Toy Party is great for kids and adults to play! Puzzle games for everyone!
⭐ Pop, Jam, and Blast away! Enjoy Toy Party!

📞 Contact & Support
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Toy Party - Blast Hexa Block Android Gameplay

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